Monday, February 13, 2012

The wise man and the dog

 The wise man and the dog story

Many many years ago, there was a restaurant in the New Territories. The restaurant owner was a good man. He was always kind and helpful to his customer. His restaurant was very bright and clean. This business was still not very successful.
“Why do so few people come to eat at my restaurant?” he asked one of his friends.
“your food is not very well cooked,” his friend replied.
But the restaurant owner did not believe him. He went to take advice from a wise old man who was his neighbor.
“Do you keep a dog?” the old man asked him.
“Yes.” Replied the restaurant owner.” “Why do you ask?”
The old man smiled but did not say anything more.
The restaurant owner again asked him what he meant.
“Your dog is very fierce and likes to bite people. That’s why your business is not very good. Your business will not improve unless you give away your dog.”
The restaurant owner thought over very carefully what the old man had told him. The next day, he gave away the dog.
From that time on, his business began to improve.

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