Sunday, February 12, 2012

The green turtle

 The green turtle story

There was once a king loved his sons and nephews very much. One day, they saw a green turtle near the palace. They thought it was a monster, they started to cry. The king told his servants, “Go and kill the monster!”
The king’s chief cook said, “I don’t know what monster it is. Let’s throw it into the fire!” the cook’s wife said, “No, I don’t want to taste my firewood. Drop a big rock on the monster to crush it!”
An old man said, “push him in to the see. There will be storms and it will surely drown.” When the turtle hear this, it shouted, “You can burn me or crush me with a rock. But, please don’t throw me into the see. I’m so afraid of drowning in a storm.”
The king said, “the monster is more afraid of the sea then anything else. Throw it into the see.”
The servant threw the turtle into the see. The clever turtle swam away happily.

Retyped by Joe Fatrah - taken from:Ujian Nasional Text

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