Friday, February 24, 2012

Apai Sali and his wife

Apai Sali and his wife story

Apai Sali was ugly and not very clever. One day he caught a wild pig. He was delighted but he did not want to let his wife know. He was greedy and wanted to eat it himself. So he did it in some bushes behind his house.
He returned home holding his stomach.
“What’s wrong?” his wife asked.
“I have a terrible stomach-ache,” he said. He went into the kitchen to warm himself in front of the fire. However, he sat so close to the fire that his loin-cloth caught alight.
“You stupid fellow!” his wife cried. “Why aren’t you more careful?”
“Don’t worry,” Apai Sali replied. “the smoke will help to drive away the mosquitoes.” He left the kitchen by the back door.
“Where are you going?” his wife asked.
“I am only going to the toilet,” he said.
He went straight to the bushes behind which he had hidden the wild pig. He quickly made a fire with the lighted end of his loin-cloth and started to roast the pig.
As he was away for so long, his wife wondered what had happened. She could smell a pig being roasted. It was such a delicious smell it made her mouth water. She went to see where the smell was coming from. She saw her husband roasting a pig however, her husband did not notice her. She hid behind a big tree.
Suddenly, Apai Sali heard a noise. “Zzh! Zzh! Zzh!” it sounded like a swarm of hungry mosquitoes. Then he heard a voice. “Apai Sali, give me some of your roast pig.”
Apai Sali was not only stupid but timid. He quickly threw a leg of the pig in the direction of the voice.
The voice kept on asking for more and more. Soon there was nothing left of the pig for Apai Sali to eat.
He returned home and went to bed.
The next morning. His wife gave him some cold rice and vegetables for breakfast. “Don’t you have anything better than this?” he asked.
“You greedy man!” she said. “You wanted to eat all the pig by yourself yesterday. Do you think I didn’t know? It was I who spoke to you!”
“Chech!” exclaimed Apai Sali. “If I had only known, I wouldn’t have given you any of the pig.”
He got up and went out, leaving the cold rice and vegetables uneaten. But he never tried to cheat his wife again.

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