Sunday, February 12, 2012


Misunderstanding story

In a remote part of Wales there is a place called Morrow.
One day, at London train station, a traveller said to the booking-clerk, “I want a ticket to Morrow, please.” The clerk raised his
eyebrows, saying, “if you want a ticket tomorrow, why don’t you come for it tomorrow?”
“But I want a ticket to Morrow today,” the traveller replied. “I told you,” the clerk say, “ you can’t have a ticket tomorrow today, You’ll have to come tomorrow for it.”
By this time, the traveller was getting more and more annoyed and finally lost his temper and yelled, “Can’t you understand what I mean? I want a  ticket to a place called Morrow and I want it now!”
Finally understanding what the traveller really wanted, the clerk said quite calmly, “What didn’t you say so in the first place? Here’s your ticket.


  1. benar-benar salah paham...!!!!

  2. Good & funny story but too short!

    1. try to find the longer one from other posting in this blog


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