a poor farmer and his landlord 
Apai sali and his wife
Bathala and the rainbow
bobo bakau
half screen mountain
how the dayak learnt to plant rice 1
how the dayak learn to plant rice 2
how the mousedeer cheated the tiger
how the mousedeer cheated the crocodile
How the world was made
Kam tin
Kumang and the dragon
Mat Jambol and the tiger
Mat Jambol and the turtles
Mr. Blackie
one thing leads to another
one inch fellow
seven worms
six girls and a witch
the blind elephant
the brave soldier
the broom
the buffalo and the monkey
the cat and the rat
the country of the mice  
 the falling flower rock
the fortune teller
the four bald man
the giant snake of yamata
the glass ball
the grateful sparrow
the greedy monkey
the guard's reward
the hare and the elephant's mother          
the kind man and the tiger
the king's judgment
the legend of nyi roro kidul
the legend of shut-eye island
the magic box
the magic stick
the man in the red gown
the monkey judgement
the monkey and the men 
the name of hongkong
the rich old lady
the robbers and the goat
the second husband
the sparrow with no tongue
the stolen house
the two brothers
the stonemason who never satisfied
the tortoise who liked to boast
the two holes
the vulture, the elephant and the rabbit
the white rabbit
the wise governor
the wise man and the dog
the wolf and the goat
the woodcutter and the king of the mice
 three foolish sons
two magic hairs
why the crocodiles are afraid of dayaks
why herons and croes are enemies
why the frog's eyes bulge

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