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English Story dan Tejemahannya

DR. Gold Smith
(Narrative teks dan artinya I)

Narrative teks dan artinya - DR. Gold Smith
Once upon a time there was a man who was a doctor and whose name was Gold Smith. DR. Smith had a good heart. He was always ready to help others, and gave away so much to the poor that he was always poor himself. One day a woman came and asked DR. Smith to see her husband who was ill at home. DR. Smith did so. He found that the man was not ill but poor. He had not eaten anything for many days.
“Come to my house this evening,” said the doctor to the woman. “I will give you some medicine which may make your husband better.”
In the evening the woman came. DR. Smith gave her a little box which was very heavy.
“this is the medicine which may do good to your husband.” Said the doctor. “But don’t open the box until you reach home.”
When she reached home, she showed the box to her husband and opened it. What do you think they found in it? It was full of money. DR. Smith took pity to the man and the woman who he gave all the money which he had.


DR. Gold Smith

Pada jaman dahulu ada seorang laki-laki yang berprofesi sebagai dokter yang bernama DR. Gold Smith. DR. Smith adalah dokter berhati baik. Dia senantiasa siap membantu orang lain terutama terhadap orang-orang miskin.
Suatu hari datanglah seorang wanita meminta DR. Smith untuk memeriksa keadaan suaminya ynag sakit keras di rumahnya. DR. Smith pun dating dan memeriksa suami wanita tersebut. Setelah diperiksa dia tahu laki-laki tersebut tidak sakit tapi miskin. Dia belum maka apapun dalam beberapa hari.
“Datanglah ke rumahku nanti malam,: kata DR. Smith kepada wanita tersebut “Saya akan memberikanmu obat yang bias membuat suamimu lebih baik.”
Pada malam hari wanita tersebut mendatangi rumah DR. Smith. DR. Smith pun memberikannya sebuah kotak kecil yang sangat berat.
“Ini obat yang akan membuat suamimu merasa lebih baik.” Kata DR. Smith. “Tapi jangang buka kotak tersebut hingga kamu sampai di rumahmu.”
Ketika dia sampai di rumah, dia pun menunjukkan kotak tersebut kepada suaminya dan membukanya. Kira-kira apa ya yang adalam kotak tersebut? Ternyata kotak itu berisi uang. DR. Smith merasa kasihan kepada pasangan suami istri tersebut dan memberikan semua uang yang dia miliki.

An old man and his sons
(Narrative teks dan artinya II) 

An old man had three sons who could not live at peace among themselves. The old man had tried every way to make them love one another, but all was in vain. At last he thought out a plan.
He showed them a bundle of arrows which were tied together. “Try to break the bundle!” said the old man. All of them tried one after another, but no one could break it.
Then the old man untied the bundle. He gave his sons each an arrow, and said, “Try to break it now.”
The single arrow was easily broken one by one.
“My sons,” said the old man, “you have learned a good lesson from these arrows. If you cannot live at peace, you are very weak like a single arrow. But if you love one another, you are very strong like the bundle of arrows.”


Seorang kakek dan putra-putranya

Seorang kakek mempunyai tiga orang putra yang tidak bisa berdamai diantara mereka. Kakek tersebut mencoba beberapa cara untuk mendamaikannya, tapi semuanya sia-sia (tidak berhasil). Sampai akhirnya dia menemukan sebuah ide untuk mendamaikannya.
Dia menunjukkan beberapa anak panah yang diikat dalam satu ikatan “Coba kalian patahkan ini!” kata kakek tersebut. Ketiga putranya memcoba untuk mematahkannya tapi tak satupun yang berhasil.
Kemudian kakek itu membuka ikatan anak panah tersebut dan memberikan masing-masing satu anak panah pada ketiga putranya dan berkata, “Sekarang coba kali patahkan anak panah tersebut.” Satu anak panah sangat mudah dipatahkan oleh setiap putranya.
“Anak-anakku,” kata kakek itu “Kamu telah mendapat pelajaran baik dari anak panah ini. Jika kamu tidak bisa berdamai (selalu bertengkar) kamu akan menjadi lemah seperti sebuah anak panah (yang mudah dipatahkan). Tapi jika kamu saling menyayangi maka kamu akan menjadi kuat seperti seikat anak panah.

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The legend of The Moon and The Sun Gods

Hou I visit the moon

The Moon God Story
Chang O did not live alone for very long. She soon caught cold and began to cough. One day, she coughed up the “Pill of every lasting life”, Which changed into a white rabbit. She was very pleased that the rabbit came to live with her because she did not feel so lonely. Later on, Chang O and the rabbit were joined by an old man as well. The old man had been  sent to the moon by a fairy for doing something wrong. He had been ordered by the fairy to cut down all the trees on the moon. This was more difficult that it sounds. As soon as he cut down one tree, another grew in its place.
Chang O still thought of her husband every day. But there seemed to be no way for her to see him again.
One day, Hou I was carried off in a storm to the palace of the Queen Mother of the west. The Queen Mother’s husband gave him a cake and a magic ring.

The Sun God Story
“Eat this cake,” he said. “You will able to live on the sun without feeling the heat.”
Hou I did so. He flew straight up to the sun. The Queen Mother’s husband appeared again. “You are now King of the Sun,” he told him. “Is there anything you want?”
“I want to see my wife,” Hou I said. “You can rub the ring I give you if you want to see your wife,” said the queen mother’s husband.
Hou I rubbed the ring and flew straight to the moon. He soon found his wife. The Queen Mother’s husband came to see him once more.
“Don’t forget you are King of the Sun,” he said “You cannot leave the sun too often. You can only visit your wife on the fifteenth night of every month.”
Hou I was very happy to hear this. From that time on, he came to see his wife once a month. That is why the moon is always very large and bright on that night.

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Cerita bahasa inggris dan artinya

A bear and a lion

Cerita bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya - A bear and a lion
One upon a time a lion and a bear caught and killed a goat. They had a quarrel over it.
“It is mine,” said the bear. “I caught it with my strong paws.”
“It is not yours. It is mine,” said the lion. “I killed it with my strong jaws.”
Then they began to fight over it. They ran up and down the hill, under and over the fallen trees, in and out of the forest. They bit and scratched with their strength, but no one could overcome the other.
At last they both were tired out and could fight no longer. They lay upon the ground, panting and looking at each other.
A fox who was passing by at the time saw them with a dead goat near by. She ran up to them, took the goat home and ate it up.

 Beruang dan singa

Cerita bahasa inggris dan terjemahannya - A bear and a lion
Suatu ketika seekor singa dan seekor beruang menangkap dan mebunuh seekor kambing. Mereka pun berdebat.
“Ini milikku,” kata beruang “Saya menagkapnya dengan kekuatan cakarku.”
“itu bukan milikmu. Itu milikku,” kata singa. “Saya membunuhnya dengan kekuatan rahangku.”
Mereka pun mulai bertengkar. Mereka saling kejar naik turun bukit melewati bawah dan atas batang pohon tumbang, keluar dan masuk hutan. Mereka saling menggigit dan mencakar dengan kekuatan mereka yang mereka miliki, tapi tidak ada yang mampu mengalahkan satu sama lain.
Dan pada akhirnya mereka berdu letih dan tidak bias berkelahi lagi. Mereka berbaring dengan nafas terengah-engah dan saling melihat.
Pada saat yang bersamaan tiba-tiba seekor rubah lewat dan melihat mereka bersama seekor kambing mati di dekatnya. Dia pun mendekat, dan membawa pergi kambing tersebut.

The fools of two men
England Gotham Bridge Story
Gotham (Go’tem) was a little town in England.
Once there was a man from Gotham going to market to buy sheep. At gotham bridge, he met a man who had just come back from the market.
“Where are you going?” asked the man who had come back to Gotham.
“I am going to market to buy sheep,” answered the other.
“Which way are you going to bring your sheep home?” asked the first man again.
“Over this bridge,” answered the second man.
“You shall not go over this bridge,” said the first man. “You shall go that way,”
“I will go over this bridge,” said the second man.
“You shall not,” said the first man again.
“But I will,” replied the other.
Soon the two men began to fight. They fought and fought until they both got quite hurt.
How foolish they were! They fought over the sheep which were not here.


Kebodohan dua orang pria

Gotham adalah sebuah kota kecil di Inggris.
Suatu hari seorang pria dari Gotham pergi ke pasar untu membeli domba. Pada Jembatan Gotham, di bertemu dengan seorang pria yang baru pulang dari pasar.
“mau kemana?” Tanya pria yang baru pulang dari pasar.
“Saya akan ke pasar untuk membeli domba,” jawabnya
“Jalan yang mana akan kamu lalui untuk membawa dombamu pulang ke rumah?” Tanya pria pertama lagi
“Lewat jembatan ini,” jawab pria kedua
“Kamu tidak boleh melewati jembatan ini,” Kata pria pertama. “kamu harus lewat jalan sana,”
“Saya akan lewat jembatan ini,” kata pria kedua
“Tidak boleh,” kata pria pertama
“tapi saya akan tetap lewat sini,” jawab pria kedua.
Akhirnya keduanya pun bertengkar. Mereka berkelahi dan berkelahi sampai mereka kesakitan.
Betapa bodohnya mereka! Mereka mempermasalahkan jalan yang kakan dilalui domba yang belum ada.

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