Friday, March 29, 2013

The legend of rain dan terjemahannya

Once upon a time, there lived a Clouds family. Papa Cloud, Mama Cloud, and Cloud children lived quietly in the sky.
Every morning, the cloud children went to the sky playground to play with the slide. But since there was only one slide, they had to take turns on the slide. Lody, the youngest cloud child, looked impatient. He could not wait for his turn to come. His brother, Tody, didn't like his attitude. Suddenly, they were quarrelling. Their white bodies became gray. It meant they were very angry. When the clouds were angry, water usually came out of their bodies. It meant rain for the people on Earth.
"Stop it, children! Stop fighting!" Papa Cloud said.
"You can play with the slide in turns. Now, shake hands. Both of you!" ordered Papa Cloud.
Lody and Tody shaked hands and slowly their colours changed. Their bodies became fair white again. The rain stopped and people on Earth could go on their activities again.

terjemahan ......

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The wise lion dan terjemahannya

 King lion was getting ready to go to war and called to arms all the other animals.
But his ministers asked him to dismiss the donkey and the rabbit, because one was too stupid and the other too easily scared.
“Not at all” refused the king. “The donkey has a voice which is even more resonant than mine. He can be the trumpeter”
“The rabbit, being so quick, will be invaluable for carrying message,” added the king. To win a war you have to know how to get the best out of everyone. 


Raja singa siap-siap untuk berangkat berperang dan mengumpulkan semua pasukannya dan semua binatang-binatang yang lain.
Tetapi menterinya meminta untuk tidak mengikutkan keledai dan kancil, karena yang satunya kurang cerdas dan yang satunya lagi penakut.
"Tidak keduanya" Raja singa menolak. "Keledai memiliki suarabergema bahkan lebih bergema dari suaraku. dia bisa menjadi peniup terompet"
"Sedangkan sang kancil, dia cepat, akan sangat bermanfaat dalam membawa pesa," lanjut sang Raja. untuk memenangkan peperangan kamu harus tahu dan mengeluarkan kehebatan (kemampauan terbaik) masing-masing.

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Proud Rooster (dan artinya)

Two roosters were fighting fiercely to be the king of the farm yard. One finally gained advantage and the other surrendered.
The losing rooster slunk away and hid itself in a quiet corner. The winner flew up to a high wall, flapped its wings and crowed its victory, as loud as it could.
Suddenly an eagle came sailing through the air and carried it off, with its talons. The losing rooster immediately came out of its corner and ruled the farm yard from then on.

Ayam yang sombong
Dua ekor ayam jago sedang beradu kekuatan untuk menjadi raja di lingkungannya. Dan akhirnya salah satu dari keduanya menang.
Si jago yang kalah lari menyelinap dan bersembunyi. Sedangkan si jago yang menang terbang ke tempat tinggi dan dengan bangganya mengepakkan sayapnya dan memngumumkan (berkokok) kemenagannnya dengan senyaring mungkin.
Tiba-tiba datang seekor elang menangkap dan membawanya menggunakan cakarnya yang tajam. Si jago yang kalah akhirnya keluar dari persembunyiannya dan diangkat menjadi raja pada lingkungannya tersebut.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The foolish donkey

Once, a farmer owned a donkey and a lapdog. The donkey worked hard all day, hauling heavy loads. The lapdog stayed with its master all day and lived in the house with him. It did not work, but was allowed to sit on its master's lap. The donkey grew jealous of the lapdog.
"Perhaps if I behave like the dog, like wag my tail and jump on the master, the master will start loving me as much as he does the dog." So the donkey waited for its chance.
One day, when it was left unattended, the donkey broke its halter and ran into the farmhouse kitchen, where the farmer sat at the table. The donkey rushed up to him and began wagging its tail vigorously and knocked off all the things on the table. It then started jumping around and frolicking like a little dog and finally, plunked itself down on the farmer's lap. The shocked farmer yelled for help. The farmhands came running in and dragged the donkey off to its stable and gave it a beating it would never forget for the rest of its life.


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