Friday, March 30, 2012

Nando and His Grandfather

Nando and his grand father story
A long time ago in Minahasa lived an old man with his grandson, Nando. Nando was limped. He could not walk well. His grandfather loved him very much. He never permitted Nando to go out alone. Nando's grandfather's job was looking for wood in the jungle. Nando really wanted to go to the forest with him but he never gave permission. But finally he let Nando to go to the forest with him.
In the forest, Nando walked slowly behind his grandfather. He was very excited. He saw some monkeys. When his grandfather looked back, he was shocked. Nando was lost. He looked for him everywhere but he couldn't find him. Sadly, the grandfather went back home.
The following day, the grandfather was back to the jungle. When he was walking, he heard a strange bird making sound "Moo poo ... Moo poo". He felt the bird said, "Opoku ... Opoku". It means "My grandpa ... My grandpa ...... The grandfather was surprised. He approached the bird. It was limped. There were tears in the bird's eyes. He knew that Nando had changed into a bird.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The guard's rewards

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The guard's rewards story
There was once a king in Tibet who liked to eat fish. One year, there was a very bad drought. The rivers became dry and fish became scarcer and scarcer.
The king felt very hungry as he did not like to eat any other kind of food. He called his ministers to see him.
“anyone who brings fish to the palace can ask for anything

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The vulture, the elephant and the rabbit

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The vulture, the elephant and the rabbit story

Many years ago in Cambodia. There lived the King of the Vultures.
One right, he dreamed that if he could eat the flesh of white elephant, he could become king of the whole of south-east Asia.
When he woke, he told his servants to catch a white elephant for him. Two of them, dressed in golden uniforms, flew to where they knew a white elephant was living.
“Oeu, friend elephant, our master has sent us to fetch you to the place as he would like  to eat white elephant’s flesh.
The white elephant was frightened to hear this. However, there was nothing he could do as the King of the Vultures was so powerful.
He said goodbye to his wife and children and left for

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mr. Blackie

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Mr. Blackie story

A farmer owned a buffalo which was strong and jet black. He called him “Mr.Blackie”
Mr. Blackie was lazy and the only wanted to eat and do as little work as possible.
Every morning, the farmer rode and his back to his rice fields. Mr. Blackie helped himplough his field. After working for several hours under the hot sun, the farmer returned home at mid-day to take his meal. Mr. Blackie bathed in his water-hole. Mr. Blackie did not work in the afternoon. The farmer allowed him to eat grass. At night, Mr. Blackie self comfortably in a small stable next to the farmer’s house, with an (atap) roof over his head.
Mr. Blackie, however ran away to eat grass, while the farmer was not looking. One day, Mr. Blackie trod on the tail of a quail which was sitting quietly in its nest in the grass.
The quail jumped several feet into the air. “Cheh! Why can’t you be more careful? You trod on my tail.”
“I don’t care,” replied Mr. Blackie. “You shouldn’t make your nest in my grass.”
Soon the quail and Mr. Blackie were quarrelling and shouting at each other.
“This is my field,” said the quail.
“But the grass in it belongs to me,” answered Mr. Blackie.
The quail kicked Mr. Blackie in the mouth so hard that all his top teeth fell out. (That is why buffaloes never have top teeth to this day)
The quail then flew away. But it could not fly very well because its tail had been pulled off by Mr. Blackie. (That is why quails do not have tails)
Not long afterwards, Mr. Blackie was resting under a tree after a hard morning’s work. It was mid-day and the farmer had gone home. Suddenly, a wild ox appeared.
Mr. Ox was Mr. Blackie’s old friend. He had run away from his owner.
“Why do you work so hard? Why don’t yourun away with me? We shall be able to eat grass and play together all day. You won’t have to plough rice fields for that silly old farmer.”
“Where can we go?” asked Mr. Blackie.
“Oh, don’t worry about that,” answered Mr. Ox, “I know a secret place in the forest where no one can find us.”
They both ran off together, uphill, downhill, and across stream until they reached a green field hidden deep in the forest.
The farmer looked for Mr. Blackie everywhere. Ar last, he saw some hoof marks left by him. He followed them into the forest. After walking a long way, he saw Mr. Blackie with his friend Mr. Ox eating grass in a field. Mr. Blackie did not know the farmer was there. The farmer tied a rope with a noose on it across a path leading from the field and went home.
When he returned later in the day, he saw that Mr. Blackie had been caught in the noose. Mr. Ox ran away as soon as he saw the farmer coming. (That is why there are still wild oxen in the jungle)
The farmer was very angry with Mr. Blackie, “Is this the way repay my kindness?” he cried. “I’ll tie you up with rope through you’re your nose so that you won’t be able to run away in future.” (That is why buffaloes have a hole through their noses)
He had no more trouble with Mr. Blackie after that. Every morning, he rode on Mr. Blackie’s back to his rice fields. In the afternoon, he tied Mr. Blackie by a rope through his nose to a post in his stable.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Folktale from Borneo

Kumang and the dragon story
Folktale from Borneo

In Sarawak long ago, there was a beautiful girl called Kumang. She was very hard-working and use to fish from morning to night. One day, although it was nearly time to go home, she had still caught no fish. She tried once more. When she pulled up her net, she found there was a tiny snake in it. It looked so helpless that she decided to
Folktale from Borneo

Saturday, March 3, 2012

How the mousedeer tricked the crocodiles

How the mousedeer tricked the crocodile

A mousedeer was walking along the bank of river. He could see several crocodiles lying in the mud a t the side of the river.
“Hey, friends!” he called out. “You are really very big and strong! You could easily conguer any country if you want to.”
“Of course, Mr. mousedeer,” answered the crocodiles. “Even men are afraid of us. Look how well are armed.” They showed the mousedeer their sharp claws and

Six girls and a witch

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Six girls and a witch story

   Many years ago in Serawak, there were six girls who were good friends. The most beautiful was Gayah. She was the cleverest too.
One day they went to the jungle to collect some wild fruit. They lost their way. “Don’t be afraid”, said Gayah. “I shall be able to

Friday, March 2, 2012

A poor farmer and his landlord

A poor farmer and his landlord story
Once upon a time there was a poor farm worker in China. One day he had no rice to eat, and decided to ask his landlord for some. Therefore, he killed one of his ducks and gave it to the landlord as a present.
The landlord received the present and thanked the farm worker. The landlord could not divide the duck fairly so he asked the farmer, “How can I divide this duck fairly? I have a wife, two sons and two daughters.
The farm worker took his knife and cut off the head of the duck. “This is for you”, he said “because you’re the head of the family.”
Then he cut off the two legs and gave one to each of the sons. “These are for you”, he said, “because you will follow in your father’s footsteps.”
Next he cut off the two wings and gave one to each of the daughters. “These are for you”, he said, “because you will fly away and marry someone.
Finally, he took the rest for himself. The landlord was very happy and gave the farm worker some rice and money as well.

The rich old lady

The rich old lady story
There was once a very rich old lady whose husband had died and whose children had married and gone to live in foreign countries. She was too old to live alone so she moved to an expensive hotel near the sea.
This lady had a pair of nasty, ugly dogs which used to growl and bark at everybody. She loved them very much although nobody did. They lived in the hotel with her and  went whenever she did.
One day there was a new waiter come to work in that hotel. He helped the old lady to carry her blankets and her pillows. He helped her to get in or get out from the car. And even he pretended that he loved the lady’s dogs very much. He offered to look after them in his free time. He fed them, cleaned them and took them for a walk.
The young waiter was sure that when the rich old lady died she would leave him a lot of money to pay him everything that he had done for her, but when she died a few years later he discovered that the lady left him only two things, the things which she loved most in the world and which she thought that the young waiter loved too-her dogs.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The magic stick

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The magic stick story

There was a very clear lake in Yunnan and some farmers living nearby kept cows. Every morning, they thought ninety-nine cows to the lake to drink. But, in some strange way, by midday there would be one hundred. A beautiful girl always appeared at the same time. Nobody knew where she came from. The farmers liked her very much. She knew many things and could tell them wonderful stories.
 “There is a magic cow among you cattle,” she told them. “Water will part and make a road when it walks on it. It can also walk on top of water. A single hair from its body can carry a very heavy weight.”
The farmers asked her which one has the magic cow. She refused to tell them. “Anyway,” she added, “only an honest man can find out.”
One day, the cows were looking for some corn to eat. The old man looking after them chased them away with a stick. The stick was old and cracked as he had been using it for many years. He did not notice that some cow’s hair had become caught in the cracks.
At the end of the day, when he got ready to return home, he hung two baskets of fire wood on the stick. He was surprised to find it was so light to lift, “Eh!” he cried. “What has happened?” he added another basket at each end. It was just as light. He added more and more baskets. Still it was not difficult to lift. He ran all the way home.
From then on, the old man used to cut wood and take it to the city to sell every day. He got more money than he needed. First time in his life.
One morning, when he was going to the city to sell his wood, he met a rich man. The rich man was surprised to see him carrying such a heavy load: “How can you carry such a heavy weight?” he asked.
“This is a magic stick”
The rich man did not believe him. He asked the old man to let him try. It was true! It was very light. I’ll give you five hundred pieces of gold for the stick,” he said.
The old man took the money. It was enough for him for the rest of his life. He gave the rich man the magic stick.
The rich man was very happy. He noticed, however, that the stick was cracked. He took it to a carpenter and asked him to repair it. The carpenter used and axe to cut off the part which was cracked. He cut again away the magic cow hairs at the same time
The rich man told his wife that evening about the magic stick. He asked her to try it. He put a weight at each end of the stick. His wife tried to lift it but she could not. “What kind of magic stick is this?” she cried. “You’re dreaming. It’s just like any other stick.
“Women!” said the rich man. “They know nothing.” He tried to lift it but he was unable to do so. The magic had left the stick forever.
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