Friday, March 2, 2012

The rich old lady

The rich old lady story
There was once a very rich old lady whose husband had died and whose children had married and gone to live in foreign countries. She was too old to live alone so she moved to an expensive hotel near the sea.
This lady had a pair of nasty, ugly dogs which used to growl and bark at everybody. She loved them very much although nobody did. They lived in the hotel with her and  went whenever she did.
One day there was a new waiter come to work in that hotel. He helped the old lady to carry her blankets and her pillows. He helped her to get in or get out from the car. And even he pretended that he loved the lady’s dogs very much. He offered to look after them in his free time. He fed them, cleaned them and took them for a walk.
The young waiter was sure that when the rich old lady died she would leave him a lot of money to pay him everything that he had done for her, but when she died a few years later he discovered that the lady left him only two things, the things which she loved most in the world and which she thought that the young waiter loved too-her dogs.

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