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Kancil and the giant Story

Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story
(Favourite stories from Indonesia)

One beautiful morning Kancil decided to fish in a certain river. On the way he met his friend, Swine, who stopped him for a chat. When Swine heard that Kancil wanted to go fishing, he asked whether he could join him, Kancil did not object, as Swine promised to help him with the work. The two of them went on together and soon they met Tiger and Elephant. When they heard that Kancil and Swine were going to the river, they decide to go along, too. And so the four animals went together to the river to fish.
Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story
Kancil and the giant story
When they arrived at the river bank, Kancil immediately began to give orders left and right. Elephant had to dam the river with stones and tree trunks. Tiger and Swine had to throw away the river water while Kancil himself set out to catch the fish left on the dry river bed. There were, however, few fish, so they decided to go further down the river to try their lick again. Kancil ordered Swine to stay behind with their catch. He himself went with Tiger and Elephant further downstream where the tree of them began their work all over again.
Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story

Meanwhile, a giant came to the place where Swine sat. As soon as he saw the glittering fish, he grabbed them greedily and stuffied them what into his mouth. It was useless for Swine to protect and the giant did not even listen to him. Swine ran toward his friends and told them had happened. Of course, the three others were bot very pleased.
Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story 
The second time, too, they did not catch enough fish. did not even listen to him. Ordered Tiger to stay behind with their second catch, while he, Swine and Elephant went further away to dam the river at another place. As soon as the three of them were out of sight, the hungry giant came from behind the bushes and ate up all the fish. Tiger snarled angrily, but he did not dare to fight the giant.
Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story 
When the other animals came back with their catch they found a very ashamed Tiger without a single fish. Kancil scolded him until he became red in the face. Now it was Elephant’s turn to play guard.
“You are so big. Friend Elephant. Certainly, we can trust you to defend our fish,” said Kancil.
For the third time the giant came to eat the fish. When Elephant saw how big he was, he became afraid and let the giant steal their fish. Kancil and the others came back, they found the basket empty again. Kancil was very angry with his three friends. He shouted, “What’s the use of having such big and strong bodies, if you can’t even chase away one single giant. This time I will stay here myself. Do you think I am too small to do this job? Go away , the three of you, and catch as a many fish as you can. When you come back, you will find that robber lying here in front of me, bound and helpless.”
  Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story
After Swine, Tiger and Elephant had gone away, Kancil plucked a big bunch of reeds from the river side. He tied these reeds around his body. Then lying down under the nearest tree, he bound the reed ends to the roots of the tree. He was very busy tying himself when the giant came. Kancil pretended not to see him and went on with his work. The giant became curious and instead of grabbing the fish he stopped to look sown at Kancil and asked what he was doing.
“Well. Well. Don’t you know what is going happen today?” asked Kancil in a surprised tone.
“What is going to happen today?” asked the giant curiously.
“I thought everybody knew about it,” answered Kancil. “You must have been asleep when Nabi Sulaiman came into the forest to warn all the animals about the big flood. The big flood will carry everybody away to the see, unless he takes precaution to be safe.”
“Oh, I have not heard about this flood,” answered the giant, who believe every word Kancil said, “Tell me, what do you do to avoid being carried away?”
“Don’t you see what I am doing” said Kancil. “I bind myself to these roots, so that the water will not drag me away
Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story
“That’s a very good idea,” said the stupid giant. “Won’t you help me a little?”
“Why not? I am always ready to help somebody in need,” answered Kancil. “But these reeds are not strong enough to hold your heavy body. Why don’t you go into the forest and collect a big bunch of thick rattan? I shall wait for you here. But hurry, we don’t have much time as the flood will come soon after noon.”
Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story

The stupid giant, afraid of losing his life, ran into the woods and soon came back with a big load of rattan. Kancil told him to bind his own legs tightly together with the rattan, then sit with his back  against a big tree so that Kancil could help him tie his body against the tree trunk. The giant did everything Kancil said. Soon he was sitting boud and helpless against the tree. To be  completely safe, Kancil wound several more pieces of rattan round him so that the giant could hardly move.
Narrative Text Fable - Kancil and the giant Story
Then the clever little animal called out to his friends who were still busy catching fish some distance away. Swine, Tiger and Elephant did not have much trouble killing their enemy.
Of course, Kancil did not tell them that he had tricked the giant, and the other three animals thought that he had fought with him. They all admired his enormous strength. They gave Kancil the biggest share of the fish, and after having finished their meal each of them went his own way.


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