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The boy and the pearl

The boy and the pearl
(Favourite Stories From Singapore)

One day a boy called Samir was walking by the sea when he saw a gull and a heron fighting.
“It’s mine!” cried the heron.
“Oh. No it isn’t. I saw it first,” said the gull.
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On the rock between them. Samir saw a small oyster. Its shell was open because it had been hurt. Samir picked up a stick and waved it at the birds, but they took no notice of him. Then he picked up a small stone and threw it at the birds. This frightened them and they flew away.
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Samir gently picked up the oyster. “I’ll take care of you until you are well again.”
Each day after that Samir fed the oyster and cleaned its shell. Soon the oyster was well again, and Samir took it to the sea. He was about to leave the oyster in the sea when it said. “wait, Samir. I have something  for you,” the oyster opened its shell and there Samir saw a beautiful pearl. “Take this to the sultan, and it will bring you great luck.”
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Samir thanked the oyster and put the pearl in his pocket. After he had watched the oyster swim away, he walked to the sultan’s palace, and at the palace gate he found a tall guard.
“please, sir, would you take me to the sultan?” asked Samir politely.
“well, young man, the sultan is very busy. What do you wish to see him about?”
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“I have a gift for him,” said Samir. The guard then took Samir to large room where the sultan sat on a golden throne.
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The sultan leaned forward when he saw the boy. “Come nearer, boy,” he said “Now what is it that you wanted to give me?”
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“this, Sir,” Samir holding out the pearl.
The Sultan looked at the pearl. It was the finest pearl he had ever seen. “Call the court jeweler, he said. “I want him to see this pearl.”
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The court jeweler came and looked at the pearl. He held it to the light; he weighed it in his hand. Finally he said, “It’s a beautiful pearl. Your Majesty. A beautiful pearl, and a very valuable one.”
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The Sultan turned to Samir. “Where did you get this fine pearl?” he asked.
Samir told sultan the story of the birds and the oyster. When he had finished, the sultan said. “You’ve been a kind boy, and I’ll give you a fine reward. By the way, do you have any family?”
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“No sir,” said Samir. “They died some time ago,”
 “Well then,” said the sultan. “would you like to live here at the palace?”
Samir’s eye lit up. “Sir, I should like very much,” he said.
“Very well. Then,” said the sultan. “go with the guard and he will show you a room.”
Samir bowed to the sultan before leaving the room, and thanked him for his kindness. Silently, he thanked the oyster for bringing him such good luck.
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The years went by, and Samir grew into tall and handsome young man. He married a princess of sultan’s court and lived a long happy life.

Source: Favourite stories  from Singapore by Irene-Anne Monteiro and Jenny Watson

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