Friday, July 6, 2012

A fish on dry land

Text Narrative Story - a fish on dry land
(Favourite stories from Chinese)

Chuang Tzu’s family was very poor. One day, he went to see a rich man to borrow some rice from him. The rich man said, “All right, I will lend you some rice. But please wait until my brother pays me back some money which he owes me. I shall then be able to give you three hundred pieces of silver as well.”
Chuang Tzu kept quiet for a long time. He then said to the rich man, “I want to tell you a story. As I was returning home yesterday, I saw a fish lying by the roadside, “Help! Help!” it called out. “I cannot breathe, please put me back to the sea.”
“I am now on my way to visit a relative living near the Western sea,” I replied. “I shall send you some water from there.”
“That will be too late,” the fish replied. “Unless you put me back in the water straight away, I shall die.”
“this, sir,” said Chuang Tzu to the rich man, “reminds me of your answer. If you want to help, you should do so now. Otherwise it will be too late.”
The rich man lent him some rice without saying any more.

Source: Favourite stories from Chinese by Leon Comber
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