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Fable - The king’s Kinka story

Fables -The king’s Kinka story
(Favourite stories fromThailand)

The kinka is a small lizard with a red ring around its neck. This story is about a kinka that lived in the king’s garden.
One day the king took a walk through his garden. He looked at the birds and the flowers. He looked at the trees. Suddenly he noticed a kinkas do when they are frightened.
“Look at this,” said the king. “this lizard is very clever. He knows how to behave before the king. He is certainly the most polite animal I have ever seen.”
The king called his gardener. “I want you to feed this kinka. Give him some meat each day. Here is a bag of gold coins to pay for the meat.”
And so, each day the gardener used two gold coins to buy meat for the kinka. The kinka grew fat and lazy. He no longer ran through  the garden.
One day the gardener was too busy to buy meat. Instead, he hung the two gold coins around the kinka’s neck. The kinka climbed to the top of the garden gate. Soon the king came along on his daily walk. He saw the kinka. This time the kinka did not nod its head because the coins around its neck were so heavy. It simply looked down on the king.
“What a proud kinka you are,” said the king. “You are too proud to be polite.”
After that the king refused to buy any special meat for the kinka. Like other animals, the kinka once again had to find its own food.

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