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Narrative story - Tseng Chen and his mother

Narrative story - Tseng Chen and his mother

A long, long time ago, a young man named Tseng Chen went to work in the State of Fel.
He did not know there was another man with the same name living there. This other man was wanted by the police for killing someone.
Not long after Tseng Chen left home, a man came to see his mother. “Your son has killed someone. The police are looking for him,” he said.
“I do not believe it,” she replied quietly.
About a month later, another man came to see her. He told her the same thing. Tseng Chen’s mother took no notice of him.
A few weeks later, yet a third man came to see her.
“I have just come from Fei,” he said. “Your son is in serious trouble. He has killed a man.”
Tseng Chen’s mother then became very worried. She quickly packed some clothes, and left the next morning for Fei to look for her son.
But her son was really a good man who had done nothing wrong. When she met him, she quickly understood what she had heard about him was wrong.
“Oh!” she cried. “if I can believe such bad thing about my son, how much easier it will be for ordinary people to believe bad thing about others. I must be very careful not to believe everything I hear in future.”


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