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Juan and Ice Cream Story

Funny Story - Juan and the ice cream story
(Favourite stories from Philippines)

One day, Juan went to the city to look for work. While he was standing at the corner of a road, he saw a man selling ice cream. He bought some. When he tasted it, he jumped with surprise. The ice cream almost fell to the ground.
“Why didn’t you tell me it’s so cold!” he asked the man. “Are you trying to cheat me? How can you expect me to eat it?”
The man explained that ice cream was made of ice, milk and sugar. Juan laughed. “It’s the first time I have come to a big city,” he said. The man then offered him another ice cream as a present.
“I can’t eat it,” Juan said. “My tongue is frozen.”
“Then take it home to give to your mother as a present,” the man replied.
Juan placed the ice cream inside his bag made of bamboo leaves, in which he had placed some clothes for his stay in the city.
Later in the afternoon, as he was not able to find any work, he returned home. He told his mother what had happened. He was very excited. He told his mother what had happened. He was very excited. He told her of the strange and new sights he had seen in the city.
“I have a big surprise for you,” he said. He then opened his bag but the ice cream had melted.
“Thief! Thief!” he cried at the top his voice “somebody has stolen my present for my mother! Thief! Thief!”
The neighbours came running to ask him what had happened. When he told them, they shook their heads.
“How can you put an ice cream in your bag, keep it there all the afternoon, and expect it still to be there when you come home?” they laughed.

Source: Favourite stories from the Philippines by Leon Comber
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