Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The man with a bump

Once there lived a man who had a big bump on his face. He was a friendly and kind man who lived happily with his wife.
His neighbour also had a bump, but he was unfriendly and grumbled the whole day long.
One day, the friendly man went into the mountain forests to get some fire-wood. However it began to rain and he had to look for a dry place to shelter he saw a big hole in a tree and he crawled quickly into it. But the rain did not stop and it was nearly night time . soon it was dark.

Suddenly, he heard strange sounds. “What could that be?” he asked himself and looked outside. He saw some red, blue and white devils who were all drinking wine.
“This is awful,” said the man who now trembled with fear meanwhile, the devils began to dance to an unusual tune. But it was so gay that the old man came out of the hole and joined the dancing.
“Look at this funny man! Isn’t he a good dancer! Please dance again,” the devil shouted happily.
Towards morning, the devils begged the old man to come again the next night. “What precious thing can you give us so that we know you will come again?” asked the devils. Then they saw the bump on the old man’s face and said, “We shall keep this bump,” and they pulled it off his face.
As the daylight came, all of the devils disappeared.
The old man was happy that this face was no longer heavy and ugly and he hurried home to tell his wife the whole story. Meanwhile, his neighbour listened from outside, “I shall also dance before the devils so that they will take away my bump!”
He thought. But he forgot that he was not a good dancer.
That evening he hurried towards the mountain where the devils appeared. He saw the tree with the hole in and he crept inside to wait for the devils to come
When it was dark the red, blue and white devils came and began to drink their wine and play their music.
“The man who was such a good dancer hasn’t come yet.” They said to each other, “It is already quite late, what shall we do? We have his precious bump, he will surely come to get that.”
The neighbour looked out of the hole in the tree. However he was so frightened that his leg became stiff. Suddenly, one of the devils saw him. “Ah there he is hiding in the tree,” he said and pulled him out.
“We have been waiting, now dance! Quickly!”
The old man tried to hop around but it was not good enough and the devils did not like it.
“Let us give him back this bump,” said a devil. So they put the bump from the gay old man onto the other cheek of his neighbour. Then they chased him away. The poor man now had two bumps and he ran home feeling very sorry for himself. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Monkey and The Crab

One day, a monkey found a persimmon stone and a crab found a rice cake. The monkey, who wanted to eat the rice cake, said to the crab, “You can eat the rice cake only once! But the persimmon stone you can pant. It will then grow into a big tree and you will have many delicious persimmon to eat!”
So the crab gave the monkey the rice cake and took the persimmon stone and planted it. Every day the crab watered the stone and soon a small seedling appeared. It kept growing until it was a big tree and had a lot of fruit. The crab then began to climb the persimmon tree to get some of the fruit, but the monkey followed her and threw the crab down. Then the monkey climbed up tried to stop the monkey who hit her with a big persimmon and then ran away.
The crab broke into thousands of small pieces and tiny crabs were born from then. They all wanted punish the monkey and marched towards his home.
A bee came along and asked them where they were going. ”We are going to punish the monkey who killed our mother,” they all said. The crabs then gave the bee a dumpling and they went along together.
After a while, a chestnut rolled along and asked them where they were going. “We are going to punish the monkey who killed our mother,” they all said. They gave the chestnut a dumpling and they all went on together.
Then they met a snail in the middle of the path who asked them where they were going. “We are going to punish the monkey who killed our mother,”  they all said. They gave the snail a dumpling and they went on together.
Finally they met a grinding stone who asked them where they were going. “We are going to punish the monkey who killed our mother,” they all said. They gave the grinding stone a dumpling and went on together.
When they reach the monkey’s home he was not there, so the chestnut hid in the fire-place; the bee sat on the handle of the ladle; the snail lay in the front entrance; the grinding stone rested on top of the door; and the little crabs hid all over the house.
The monkey came in from the cold and went to the fire-place to warm himself. But the chestnut , as hot as fire, jumped into his face. The monkey rushed to the water to cool himself and the bee stung him. Then all the crabs came out to pinch him. Quickly he ran outside but slipped on the sail and fell down.
Thereupon the grinding stone fell down and crushed him.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

29 Contoh Cerita Legenda Terbaik Bahasa Inggris

Cerita legenda bahasa inggris (Narrative teks) adalah salah satu jenis teks yang dapat membantu kita dalam mengembangkan pengetahuan vocabulary bahasa inggris kita. disamping itu kita juga bisa mengenal asal-usul sesuatu.
Cerita Legenda bahasa inggris ini kami ambil dari berbagai sumber yang mungking bisa membantu kita dalam menambah wawasan kita, meskipun konon ada yang mengatakan bahwa sebagian dari legenda-legenda itu hanyalah fiktif. Pada intinya kita harus mengambil nilai-nilai posistifnya.
OK.. langsung saja ke Cerita Legendanya berikut :
1.  The Legend of Kawar Lake 
2.  The legend of seagull
3.  The legend of Redhill
4.  The legend of Moon and Sun Gods
5.  The legend of Sangkuriang
6.  The legend of Edelweiss I
7.  The legend of Edelweiss II
8.  The legend of female mosquitoes
9.  The Kusu Legend
10. The legend of Banana
11. The legend of Hongkong
12. The legend of shuteye island
13. The legend of Philipphines
14. The legend of Nyi Roro Kidul
15. The legend of the first monkey
16. The legend of Malin Kundang II  dan  Malin Kundang I
17. The legend of skin colours
18. The legend of God Mountain and river
19. The legend of Half Screen Mountain
20. The legend of the sea water
21. The legend of First man and woman in Philipphiness
22. The legend of Raden Kusuma
23. The legend of How the world was made
24. The legend of how the Dayak learned to plant rice Part I and Part II
25. The legend of Singapore
26. The legend of Rabbit's tail
27. The legend of Alpine Flower
28. The legend of Telaga Warna
29. The legend of Goose

Monday, November 19, 2012

40 Contoh Terbaik Narrative Text Fable Bahasa inggris

Narrative Text fable adalah cerita binatang yang banyak mengandung pesan-pesan moral yang bisa memberikan suntikan semangat dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, ada amanat baik yang bisa ditiru/diterapkan dan ada juga amanat yang tidak baik tentunya untuk dijadikan pelajaran untuk dihindari.
Narrative text (fable) juga menjadi salah satu jenis teks yang diajarkan di sekolah, pelajaran bahasa indonesia dan bahasa inggris, dan sering dimunculkan dalam soal Ujian Nasional baik tingkat SMP/MTs maupun Tingkat SMA/MA/SMK.
Mungkin anda adalah salah satunya yang mencari contoh Narrative Text (fable) untuk dipelajari atau untuk megerjakan tugas-tugas tentang Narrative Text (Fable), nah berikut ini beberapa contoh Narrative Text (Fable) terkenal yang mungkin bisa memberikan solusi untuk anda:

Kumpulan Fable (Cerita Binatang)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The fairy tulip story

the fairy tulip story

Once upon a time there was a good old woman who lived in a little house. She had a bed in her beautiful tulip garden. One night she was awakened by the sound of sweet singing and babies laughing. The sounds seemed to come from the tulip bed, but she could see nothing.
the little fairy baby story
On the following night she was again awakened by the sweet singing and the babies laughing. She rose and walked quietly to her garden. The her surprise she was a little fairy mother crooning and rocking the flower like a cradle. In each cup of the flower a little fairy baby playing and laughing.
The old woman walked back to her house, and from that time on she never picked the flower, nor did she allow her neighbours to touch them.

Fairy tulip - narrative text
Pada jaman dahulu kala, ada seorang nenek yang tinggal di sebuah gubuk kecil. Dia memiliki tempat tidur di kebun tulipnya yang indah. Pada suatu malam dia terjaga (bangun) oleh suara nyanyian yang merdu dan suara canda tawa bayi. Dia pun bangun dan segera ke kebunnya. betapa terkejutnya sang nenek menyaksikan seorang ibu peri kecil melantungkan nyanyian dan mengayun-ayun bunga layaknya ayunan. Dari setiap bunga seorang bayi peri kecil bermain dan tertawa riang.
Sang nenek kembali ke rumahnya, dan mulai saat itu dia tidak pernah memetik kembang bunganya dan tidak pernah membolehkan sisapapun menyetuh bunga-bunga tersebut

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The King of Kuripang

The King of Kuripang

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Lombok named Kuripan. The king of Kuripan was very wise. He had a very beautiful daughter. Her name was Mandalika. Many Princes wanted to marry her. To choose one that would be his son-in-law, the king had an arrow competition. The winner would be Mandalika’s husband.
On the day of competition, those princes shot their arrows. All of them did it perfectly. The king found it difficult to decide the winner. Therefore the princes who were the contestant, began to fight and killed each other.Knowing the fact, Princess Mandalika was too desperate. She didn’t want anyone to kill each other because of her. So, she decided to go to the sea and plunged herself into it. She died in the south sea Lombok. The king and the Princes were very sad and guilty.
Until now, one day every year, usually in February or March people go to the south sea. On that day, a great number of worms come out from the sea. They call these worms “Nyale” they believe that those Nyale are princess Mandalika’s hair.
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