Friday, April 20, 2012

The name of Hongkong legend

The name of Hongkong story
Do you know where the name Hong Kong comes from?
There are several interesting stories about this. A long time ago, there was a village near Arberdeen called “Hong Kong Ts’un” or “Incense Harbour Village”. The incense grown there was famous throughout China. Some of it was even sent to
the Chinese Emperor. Some people believe that the name Hong Kong comes from this village.
What happened to this village? One day, the Emperor wanted some incense sent to him from the village. The villagers did not send it to him. The Emperor then ordered his officer to arrest the village headmen and cut off their heads. After that, everyone ran away from the village and no more incense was grown there.
But some other people believe that Hong Kong is named after a container for burning incense. Long, long ago, this container was picked up in the harbor. It was kept in a tample at Causeway Bay. The place where it was found was called “Hong Kong” or “Incense Harbour”
There is a third story that Hong Kong is named after a woman called Hong ku. She was the wife of a pirate chief. After her husband died, she became the leader of the pirates. She then moved to the island which is now called Hong Kong. If this story is true, the name “Hong kong” means “Hong’s Harbour”.
According to yet another story, Hong Kong is named after a stream near Pokfulan Road. The water was very pleasant to drink. Many years ago, people used to go there to collect drinking water. The stream was called “Hong Kong” or “sweet stream”.

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