Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The fasting monkey

Once upon a time there was a sage who had an ashram  in the forest, daily they held spiritual discourses and many people from the village would attend. As usual, spiritual discourses were going on and the topic for the day was fasting. The sage was explaining the importance of fasting in religion.
Sitting on a nearby tree branch was a monkey. He was listening to the discourse about fasting. He came to find out that by observing fasts one can accumulate great merits.
One day he decided, “I want to fast and accumulate merits too.” The perfect day arrived and observed a fast. All they he passed time by sitting on the tree and turning the rosary chanting, Ram Ram. Soon the sunset and it began to get dark. Time flew by and it was already night time before he knew it. He couldn’t handle the fast anymore and started starving. He could no longer focus on God. Obviously, because he’s a monkey!
All types of thoughts started running through the monkey’s head, “If I wait until tomorrow morning, I’ll starve to death. I won’t have the strength to search for any food. Forget it, I’ll just find something to eat right now.”
Searching around he found some food and put it on the tree at a distance. Again, he started chanting god’s name, Ram Ram. Again he started to think to himself, “If I wait until tomorrow morning I won’t even be able to walk. How will I be able to reach that food?” he retrieved the food and put it near his feet. Again, he started chanting God’s name. Remember my friends, this is a monkey. Do monkeys ever sit still? He thought to himself, “By morning my hands will become weak too. I won’t even be able to put a morsel of food in my mouth.
Thus, he decided to put all of the food in his mouth at the same time. With his mouth full he realized he wouldn’t be able to chant God’s name. he started chewing the food. As soon as you know it had finished eating and fell sound asleep.

Moral : Friends, when we fast we should have it fixed in our minds that, “I want to complete this fast no matter what happens.” Don’t be like the monkey. Who had a weak mind, and broke his fast. Be strong!!!!

Monday, December 23, 2013

The Singer and the Dolphin

English Story 12 - Arion was one of the most famous singers in the ancient world. On one occasion he won an important festival Sicily, and as his prize he received so many jewels and golden cups that he was obliged to hire a ship to carry them all home to Corinth. Unfortunately, this huge treasure made the sailors very jealous, and in order to have it for themselves, they attacked the singer and were about to throw him overboard.
Arion did not put up a struggle, instead he asked only that he be allowed to sing one last song. His wish was granted and the sailors were so enchanted by his voice that they were hardly aware of what happened next. At the first notes of his song, a dolphin swam alongside, attracted by the beautiful music. Immediately Arion jumped overboard onto the dolphin's back and was carried back across the sea.
When the ship finally reached port in Corinth, the wicked sailors began to tell everyone that there had been a storm, during which the famous singer had been lost at sea. They were struck dumb with amazement, however, when Arion arrived with a company of soldiers to arrest them.
In memory of this event, a statue of  a young man on the back of a dolphin, was erected in the port of Corinth. This statue is still there today.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Mouse Who Wanted To Be A Beautiful Girl

Once, a small lady mouse lived under a wise man's house. At first, she was just a nuisance to everyone. She chewed wood and ate any food that the wise man and his family left in the house at night. But she was not happy.
One evening, she came out of her hiding place and sat in front of the wise man. "Can you change me into a beautiful girl?" she asked. "I'm tired of being a mouse."
"Are you sure that's what you want?"
"Yes, I'm quite sure. I've seen how you human beings enjoy yourselves. I'd like to be a beautiful girl and marry a rich hus­band."
"Very well," said the wise man, "I'll change you into a beau­tiful girl." Then something very strange happened. The mouse started changing into a beautiful woman dressed in a lovely sarong kebaya. There was a delicious perfume in the room.
Next day, when the girl was on her way to the market, the sun was shining brightly. Many people wished her good morn­ing and some young wren turned round to look at her. Sud­denly, a dark cloud covered the sun. The girl felt cold.
"Oh, I would like to be a cloud," the girl said to herself. "It's stronger than the sun. If I turn into a cloud, there'll be no need for me to many a rich husband."
The wise man heard what the girl said.
"If it will make you happy," he said, "I can change you into a cloud." The girl felt herself floating up into the sky. She was as light as a cloud. But soon she was tossed this way and that by the wind. She saw the wind fill the sails of boats on the sea far below her and carry them along until they were out of sight. She then cried out that she wanted to be changed into a strong wind.
The wise man appeared again. "All right. I'll change you into a strong wind. But why are you never satisfied?"
But before he could hear what the girl said — "Whoosh!"—he was almost blown over by a strong wind. The wind rushed past and threw itself against a tall mountain. "Stop! Stop!" the girl called out. She had been changed into a wind. "I'll be hurt if I'm thrown against the mountain."
The wind tried to climb over the top of the mountain but it was not able to do so. The mountain was so hard and slippery.
"Why did you think you were stronger than IT' the moun­tain  shouted at the wind. "I'll teach you a good lesson."
. The wind dropped from the top of the mountain to the bot­tom. "Oh, I think I'm going to be sick," the girl sobbed.
"Why, you're not even as strong as a mouse! Even a mouse can make a hole and live inside me!" the mountain said.
"0 wise man," the girl called out, "please, won't you help me?"
"Well now," said the wise man, who was never far away, "that depends. Will you promise never to be dissatisfied again with what you are?"
"Yes, yes," the girl said.
"And if I change you back into a mouse again you'll never want to be anything else?"
"I promise, I promise," said the girl.
So the wise man changed her into a mouse again and she went back to live under his house.

Monday, December 16, 2013

The Ducks and The Tortoise

Englishstory12 - "Take me with you, please," called a tortoise to a gray duck and a white duck that were flying over.
The ducks heard the tortoise and flew down toward him.
"Do you really wish to go with us?" asked the ducks as they came to the ground near the tortoise.
"I surely do," replied the tortoise. "Will you please take me?"
"Why, yes, I think we can do so," said the white duck slowly.
The two ducks talked together in low tones for a few minutes. Then they flew to the woods. They soon brought back a strong twig and dropped it in front of the tortoise.
"Now," said the ducks, "if we take you off to see the world, you must promise us one thing."
"What is that?" asked the tortoise. "I will promise almost anything if you will let me go."
"You must promise not to say one word while you are in the air, NOT ONE WORD," replied the ducks.
"All right, I promise," said the tortoise. "Sometimes I do not say a word for a whole day because there is no one to listen to me."
"Well, take firm hold of the middle of the twig; we are ready to start," said the gray duck.
"If you value your life, you must hold on tightly," said the white duck.
The tortoise took hold of the middle of the twig and each duck took hold of one end.
Then they flew up! up! up! while the tortoise swung from the middle of the twig. How he enjoyed it! He had never had such a ride.
They had gone a long way safely when they came to a hayfield. The haymakers looked up and saw the ducks and the tortoise.
"Ho! ho! the tortoise has stolen some wings," called one of the haymakers.
"What a queer carriage he has!" laughed another in a loud voice.
"I pity his horses," said another.
This made the tortoise so angry that he cried out, "You--" but no one knows what he was going to say, for he fell to the ground and was killed.

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