Saturday, September 15, 2012

The legend of female mosquitoes

Why Female mosquitoes bite

Many years ago in Vietnam, a poor fisherman lived with his beautiful wife. The fisherman was happy, but his wife was not. She wanted to be rich.
One day, when the fisherman was working, his wife became sick and died. The fisherman came home and found his wife dead. He sat near her and prayed.
While he was praying he heard a voice. The voice told him how to bring his wife back to life. The voice said, :Cut your finger and let three drops of blood fall on your wife.” The man did what he was told. When the third drop of blood fell on his wife, she came back to life. The fisherman was very happy to have his wife back.
One day soon after that, the wife went to the beach to wait for her husband to come back from fishing. While she was waiting, she met a rich man with a big boat. The rich man told the woman, “You are very beautiful. Come with me on my big boat. I can make you very wealthy.” The woman wanted to be rich, so she went with him.
When her husband came back, he saw two other fisherman. They told him that his wife had left with the rich man. The husband went to find his wife. When hi found her, he was very angry. He asked her to come back home, but she refused him. Then, he told her that he wanted back his three drops of blood.
He cut her finger with a knife, and three drops of blood fell. Then, the woman changed. She became very small and grew wings. She flew around her husband’s head angrily saying, “Give me back the three drops of blood!”
To this day, female mosquitoes still fly around trying to get back those three drops of blood.


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