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Short Story - The old man and the tiger

The old man and the tiger
(Favourite story from Chinese)
Kumpulan Short Story
Many years ago a fierce tiger lived on a mountain in north China. It chased any man, woman or child who passed by. The local magistrate offered a reward to anyone who could kill it.  Many tried but lost their lives. At last, the magistrate sent for a famous tiger hunter living in a nearby village.
Kumpulan Short Story
Kumpulan Short Story - the old man and the tiger
When the hunter arrived, everyone came out to have a good look at him. They were disappointed to find that he was a small, old man with a bent back. There was a boy of about twelve or thirteen with him.  “Where is the tiger?” the old man asked. No one answered. “let’s go and catch the big cat in the mountain before doing anything else,” the old man said. Again no one replied. He knew that no one wanted to help him so he waited until the next morning. He then told the magistrate what had happened. The magistrate ordered ten young men to take the old man and his boy to the mountain. When they reached the bottom of the mountain, they were afraid to go any further. “Come on!” cried the old man “Don’t be afraid! I will show you how to kill the tiger.”
Kumpulan Short Story
Just before they reached the tiger’s cave, the old man told them to stop. “Dig a deep hole in front of me,” he ordered. “Cover it with leaves.” When they had done this he said, “I shall now tell the boy to roar like a tiger. When the tiger comes out of his cave, you must all hide behind the nearest rock. I shall face the tiger alone.”
Kumpulan Short Story
He then ordered the boy to roar like a tiger. The tiger come leaping out of his cave. It ran towards the old man who stood waiting for it with a long spear in his hand. Just before it reached him. It fell into the deep hole which had been dug in the ground. The old man leant over the hole and stabbed the tiger with his spear many times.
Kumpulan Short Story
“It is dead!” he cried. “It will never cause you any more trouble.”
The villagers living in that place praised the old man for his bravery and skill. They asked him to become their leader.

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