Saturday, November 10, 2012

The King of Kuripang

The King of Kuripang

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Lombok named Kuripan. The king of Kuripan was very wise. He had a very beautiful daughter. Her name was Mandalika. Many Princes wanted to marry her. To choose one that would be his son-in-law, the king had an arrow competition. The winner would be Mandalika’s husband.
On the day of competition, those princes shot their arrows. All of them did it perfectly. The king found it difficult to decide the winner. Therefore the princes who were the contestant, began to fight and killed each other.Knowing the fact, Princess Mandalika was too desperate. She didn’t want anyone to kill each other because of her. So, she decided to go to the sea and plunged herself into it. She died in the south sea Lombok. The king and the Princes were very sad and guilty.
Until now, one day every year, usually in February or March people go to the south sea. On that day, a great number of worms come out from the sea. They call these worms “Nyale” they believe that those Nyale are princess Mandalika’s hair.

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