Saturday, November 3, 2012

A naughty schoolboy

Narrative teks - A naughty schoolboy

Everyone agreed that John Tsui was a naughty boy. He had a bad temper and did not study hard at school. His father paid for a private teacher to teach him at home. But john was rude to his teacher. His teacher said he did not want to teach him anymore. John’s father tried to find another teacher, but it was not easy to do so.
At last, a teacher who had just come from Singapore agreed to teach him. John’s father was very pleased. He sent for John to come and meet his new teacher. John was very rude. He took no notice of his new teacher and left the room without saying a word. The next day, john arrived late for his first lesson. He hoped this would make his teacher angry. But his teacher did not seem to mind. The next day, he was again late. This time, his teacher was playing the piano.
“can you teach me to play the piano?” he asked his teacher.
“Yes, if you really want to learn,” his teacher replied.
After that, his teacher gave him piano lesson twice a week. John was really very clever and he did not need much teaching.
In a short while, he could play quite well.
“Can you teach me anything else?” he asked his teacher.
“I don’t know what you would like to learn,” his teacher said. “Perhaps you can teach me something?”
“I only know how to box,” John replied. “If you want to learn, I can teach you.”
John asked his teacher to stand up. As soon as he did so, he tried to hit his fist. But his teacher was too quick for him. He caught hold of his arm and held it tight. John could not move. He had to ask his teacher to forgive him. He promised that he would study harder in future.
“If you want to study harder,” his teacher said, “It is not enough to learn from one man. You must learn from many men.”
“How can I do that?” John asked.
His teacher pointed to the books in front of him. “You must study hard and read as many books as you can. Each book contains knowledge. If you do that, you will soon be able to learn many new things for yourself.
John studied hard after that. When he grew up, he became a very famous man.


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