Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The country of the mice

 The country of the mice story

There was once a king who ruled a large country in which there lived a great number of mice. One year there was not enough rice. The mice were very hungry. The king of the mice put on his best clothes and went to see the king of the country.
“Good morning, Mr. Mouse.” Said the king. “What can I do for you?”
“O king, we do not have enough rice. We would like to borrow some from you. If you can lend us what we need, we shall repay you next year.”
“How much do you want?”
“About one hundred bags,” answered the mouse.
“How can you carrying it away?”
“Your majesty, we shall find a way.”
The king ordered one hundred bags of rice to be given to the mice. The mice bit through the bags. They carried away the rice in their mouths. When the king looked the next morning. He was surprised to find the rice had disappeared.
The next year. The king of the mice repaid the king. The king was very pleased that he had kept his promise.
Not long afterwards, the king went to war with a neighbouring country. His army was not very strong. It lost every battle. The army of the other country reached the opposite side of the river. They were ready to attack the capital.
“Who can help me?” asked the king. He sent for the king of the mice.
The mouse asked the king to place thousands of stick. Each one foot long, by the side of the river.
The next night, all the mice used these sticks as boats to carry them across the river. The soldiers of other country were fast asleep when the mice quietly entered their camp. Some of them threw the soldier’s swords and guns into the river. Other ate their food. Yet others bit their toes. The soldier woke up. They did not know what had happened. They could not find their swords and guns and they thought they had been attacked by the king’s soldier. They ran away as fast as they could.
The king quickly asked the king of the mice to come to see him.
“Mr. mouse, you have saved my country,” he said. “Please tell me what you would like in return.”
The mouse replied. “O King, we only want to live in peace. Please send away all the cats from your country.”
The king did as he was asked. He gave orders for all the cats to leave immediately.
The king of the mice thanked the king. “cats are our worst enemy,” he said. “We can now live very happily for the rest of our lives.”

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