Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The four bald men

Once upon a time there were four bald men who lived In village near Phnom Penh. Wherever they went, children laughed and shouted at the, “Baldy! Baldy!” It was true that their heads were as smooth as turtle eggs.
One day, the four of them decided to go to Phnom Penh to find a doctor who could help them grow hair.
“If you will do exactly as I tell you,” said the doctor, “Your hair will grow as thick as rice in a field. But you must wash your heads only once in the magic well behind my house.”
The four bald men followed his advice. As soon as they had finished washing their heads, they clapped their hands with joy. Their heads were covered with thick black hair. All their friends said that they looked much younger.
After a while, they wanted to get married. “Everyone says how handsome we look now that we have hair. If we wash our heads once more, maybe we shall become even more good looking. It will then be very easy for us to find wives.”
They all rushed back to the magic well to wash their heads once more. This time, however, they washed away all the hair they had grown, and they became completely bald again.
“Aiyah!” they cried. What has happened! Perhaps we were too greedy. We should have obeyed the doctors instruction. Perhaps, if we ask him to forgive us, he will be able to help us grow hair again.”
They went to see the doctor, followed by a crowd of children laughing and pointing at their smooth bald heads.
“O Doctor!” they cried. “We disobeyed you and now we are bald and ugly again! Please help us to grow some hair.”
“I’m afraid I can do nothing more to help you,” the doctor said. “Your bald heads will always remind you of your greed and disobedience.”
They returned to their village much sadder then when they had left.


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