Monday, February 13, 2012

The robbers and the goat

Many years ago in India, there was a monk who kept a goat. One day, he decided to take it to the nearest town to sell it.
Four robbers, who were hiding in a forest, watched him approach.
“Let’s try to steal the goat,” they said. “It will make a very good meal. But we must first of all decide how to do it because the monk is very clever. “After making a plan. The four robbers separated.
One of them came out from the bushes at the side of the road. He stopped the monk.
“Where are you taking that monkey?”
“Monkey!” said the monk. “It’s not a monkey but a goat.”
Further along the road, the second robber stopped him. “Where are you going with that donkey?” he asked.
“You’re wrong,” answered the monk. “It’s not a donkey. Can’t you see it’s a goat?”
After he had walked a little further. The third robber stopped him.
“Hello. Mr. Monk, what are you doing with that buffalo?”
By this time the monk became worried he was not sure whether the animal was really a goat. Perhaps it was even some kind of fairy?
He decided to let it go. The goat ran off. It was soon caught by the fourth robber.
The robber took the goat home with them and cooked it for dinner.
They were very pleased that their plan had succeed.
“even a clever man can be cheated by three thing,” they agreed. “The hard work of a new servant. The praise of guests, and the words of bad man.”

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