Sunday, February 12, 2012

A fox and a goat

      Have you ever heard any stories about foxes? A fox is told about as a sly animal which likes to cheat others by tricks.
        One hot summer day when all the ponds and rivers were dry, a fox walked about to look for water to drink. At last he found and old well in which there was a little water. But the well was very deep. And the water was out of his reach.
        He tried again and again to reach it, and at last he fell in but he could not get out. He just like a prey in a trap
        By and by a goat came to the well and saw the fox in it. He asked the fox, “What is the water like down there?”
        “The water is very nice, and I cannot stop drinking it” said the fox. “Why not come down and try it?”
        Down jumped the goat at once. As soon as he jumped down, the fox jumped on his back and got out of the well.

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