Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two magic hair

Two magic story 

Many years ago, there lived man called Tikus (Mouse). He was called “Mouse” because he was only four feet tall. He lived by himself in the jungle.
One day, he was invited to a feast at a nearly village. He ate and drank until he was full and then decided to go home.
“You’ve too much to drink.” Said the village headman.. “It is very late. You had better stay here tonight.”
The village headman gave him a present of two chickens to take home with him.
Tikus began to walk back through the dark forest. He Had not gone very far, when he heard someone following him. “Bump! Thump! Bump!” he wondered who it could be. Suddenly, someone caught hold of his shoulder. He looked round. There was a huge, horrible-looking giant, over ten feet tall.
“what do you want, Gergasi (Mr. Giant)?” he cried. “I have not done you any harm. Please let me go.”
“I am hungry,” roared the giant in a frightening voice. “I want to eat you for dinner.”
“Sir, please take these chickens instead.”
Gergasi seized the chicken from Tikus. “Ho, ho, ho! They really look very tasty, little man, and much more appetizing, than you!”
Gergasi held Tikus with one hand while he fed himself with the other. He did not wait to cook the chickens. “Yum, yum! They tasted very good. I feel much better now.”
He looked down at Tikus. “You’re not such a bad little man after all,” he said. “One good turn deserves another. I think I’ll let you go this time. here, take this small present as payment for the chickens.”
He handed over to Tikus two long, strange-looking hairs from the bag he was carrying. One was black and the other white.
“The black hair will protect you from all danger and the white hair will bring you happiness and wealth.”
Before Tikus could thank him. Gergasi had disappeared into the thick jungle.
Tikus soon forgot about the two hairs. However, one day, many weeks afterwards, he was again invited to a feast at the same village. A fight took place between two men who had had too much to drink. The village headman tried to stop them but they took no notice of him. One of them took out a knife and tried to stab the other.
Tikus suddenly remembered the strange present which Gergasi had given him. Although both the man were much bigger than he was, he seized one of the men with his right hand and the other with his left. He banged their heads together. “If you don’t stop fighting,” he said in a loud voice that surprised everyone. “I’ll teach both of you a good lesson that you’ll never forget.”
The men asked to be forgiven and promised not to fight any more.
Tikus became famous after that. The village headman asked him to stay there to help him look after the village.
Not long afterwards, he married one of the village girls. He earned a living by cutting and selling timber from a nearby forest. It seemed to be impossible for anything to go wrong with his business. It grew and grew. Soon he was able to employ hundreds of workers. He made so much money that he did not know what to do with it. He used some of it to provide schools and a hospital for the villagers and their children. He also helped the poor. He lived happily with his wife and children to an old age.
When he died, everyone said. “he was a good man. He brought peace, happiness and prosperity to the village.”

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