Sunday, February 12, 2012

The lady and the mouse

The lady and the mouse story

One day a lady saw a mouse run across her kitchen floor. She was very afraid of mice, so she ran out of the house, got on a bus and went to a store. There she bought a mouse-trap. The shopkeeper said to her, “Put some cheese in it, and you will soon catch the mouse.”
The lady went home with her mouse-trap, but when she looked in her cupboard, she could not find any cheese. She did not want to go back to the store because it was very late, so she cut out a picture of some cheese out from a magazine and put it in the trap.
Surprisingly, the picture was quite successful. When the lady came down to check the trap the next morning, she found a picture of a mouse next to the picture of the cheese.

Taken From : Step by Step (Azhar Arsyad)

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