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Asian Story - The falling flower rock

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Asian Story - The falling flower rock story

Do you know the story of the falling flower rock?
The falling flower rock is in the old capital of Korea at Paekje.
Hundreds of years ago. Korea was divided into three parts. At that time, the king of Silla in southeast Korea fought with the King of Paekje in southeast Korea.
The king of Silla was very strong. He attacked the King of Paekje’ palace.
“surrender yourself,” he called out to the King of Paekje. “I promise that you and your family will be allowed I to go free.”
The king of Paekje’s ministers advised him not to listen.
“Do not believe anything the King of Silla says. Dis words sound fine but if you surrender, you and your family will surely be killed.”
The King of Paekje had three thousand women servants in his palace. The leader of them said to him, “Your Majesty, please leave with your family while you can. There is a secret door at the back of the palace. If you leave by it, the King of Silla will not be able to see you. One day you can return to rule your country.”
Although the King of Paekje did not want to go, his ministers and maid-servants made him do so.
After he had left, the women servants, who were very brave, continued to fight until they could fight no more. Then they climbed a high rock above the nearby Sacha River and jumped into the cold water. As they all wore white dresses, they looked like white flower falling into the river.
The Korean people have never forgotten their bravery. The rock from which they jumped is now called the Falling Flower Rock. Many people still go to visit it from all over Korea and from other countries too.

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