Friday, February 10, 2012

Seven worms and mother of caterpillar

Seven worms and mother of caterpillar story

Seven worms had just finished their breakfast on a big tree near a river. They were about to leave the tree went back to their house. Their mother was walking happily in front of them.
“come on, kids. Let’s go home,” said Mama worm.
On their way home, a cricked shouted after them,
“Good Heavens! Your last child is terribly ugly!!”
“Ugly?” asked mama worm.
Then she looked at the last child. She was not the same as her sisters.
“Hey, ugly!” shouted Mama worm. “You are not my child. Go away!”
The little worm bent her head and walked away. She was very sad. When she came near to lake, she looked down into the water and saw her face.
“Oh, look at me. I am so ugly, indeed,” she cried.
Suddenly, the little worm heard a voice.
“You are not ugly. No one is ugly,” said the voice.
The worm looked around. Then she saw a big caterpillar and her children which all look the same as her.
“Thank god, I find you, my child. I have been looking for you everywhere. Listen to me, my child. People may call you ugly,” says Mother of Caterpillar, “But for me, you are the most beautiful child the little worm.
“Can you see those beautiful butterflies?” asked Mother of Caterpillar.
“Yes, I can,” answered the little worm.
“One day, dear, you will turn into a beautiful butterfly, just like one of those,” ended Mother of Caterpillar

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