Monday, February 13, 2012

Asian Story - The glass ball

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Asian Story - The glass ball story

In Thailand, there was once a beautiful fairy: called Makala. She was the wife of a god named Siva. Who lived in a palace in the clouds. She had a glass ball. With was her father’s wedding present.
As Siva had many servants. She had little to do and she passed the time of day playing with the glass ball.
One day, she decided to go out and play. She flew through the sky straight towards a dark cloud in which a giant named Ramasoon was hiding, when she came close. Ramasoon tried to catch her but she flashed the glass ball in his eyes so that he could not see. Ramsoon threw an axe at her. It missed her and fell down through the clouds to the earth below- “Crash, crash, crash!”
In then began to rain heavily.  Ramasoon was no longer able to follow her. This was lucky for her as he was getting ready to throw another axe. She flew back to the palace as fast as she could and dried her wet clothes and hair. Her husband did not know where she had been.
Whenever Makala became tired of doing nothing, she used to go out and play with her glass ball. Ramasoon tried many times after that to catch her but he never succeeded.
It is still said by some people that thunder is caused by Ramsoon throwing his axe at Makala and lightning by Makala flashing her glass ball in the eyes of Ramasoon.

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