Sunday, February 12, 2012

A greedy dog

A greedy dog story

A greedy dog stole a large piece of tender meat from a butcher’s shop. He grasped the meat tightly between his teeth and ran home with it.
On the way home, he came to a small bridge over a stream. As he was crossing the bridge, he looked down and saw his own reflection in the water below; he thought it was another dog that he saw.
In this other dog’s mouth he saw another large piece of meat.
“If I can get the meat from that other dog, I will have two pieces instead of one,” thought the greedy dog.
So, he bent down to get the meat and, as he opened his jaws, the meat fell out and was quickly lost in the water. So, in the end, the dog had nothing. He had been punished by his greed.

Taken From : Step by Step (Azhar Arsyad)

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