Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The king's judgment

The king's judgement story 

Once upon a time, there was a poor man named Juan. He led a very hard life and often had no food to eat.
One day, when he was feeling very tired and hungry, he passed by the house of a rich merchant called Pedro. Pedro was cooking some food which smelled very good.
“Ah!” thought Juan. “The smell of that food makes me feel better.”
He went to thank Pedro for allowing him to smell the food.
“You have smelled my food,” said Pedro. “so you must pay me for it.”
“I’m sorry,” replied Juan. “but I don’t have any money.”
“I don’t care. You must pay me something.”
“All right.” Said Juan. “Let’s go to see the king. We can ask him to settle the matter for us.
They set out together for the king’s palace. On the way they met a young man named Manuel. He was trying to pull his horse out of a ditch.
“Please help me pull my horse out of the ditch,” he begged them.
Pedro did not want to help. But Juan helped Manuel by pulling the horse by its tail.
He pulled so hard that the tail came off in his hand.
“Look what you’ve done!” cried Manuel. “You’ll have to pay me for my horse’s tail or find a new tail.”
“I’m only a poor man,” said Juan. “How can I pay you any money or find a new tail for your horse? I was only trying to help you,”
“Please come with us to see the king. We can ask him to settle the matter.”
When Juan, Pedro and Manuel arrived at the Palace, Juan explained to the king what had happened.
The king kept quiet for some time. He then ordered one of h servants to bring in some silver coins. He placed them on the table in front of him.
“Smell them,” he ordered Pedro. “Juan was happy to smell your food. So you will have to be happy to smell the money.”
Pedro did as he was told. He afterwards left the palace without saying another word.
The king then turned to Manuel. “Is it correct that you want Juan either to pay you some money or to find a new tail for your horse?” he asked.
“Yes Your Majesty.”
“In that case,” said the King, “You must lend your horse to Juan until it grows a new tail.”
Juan was very pleased with the King’s decision. He left the palace riding the horse. Manuel walked home silence.

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