Monday, February 13, 2012

Why the frog's eye bulge

Why the frog's eye bulge story

Once upon a time, the only fire on earth was guarded by two giants. No one dared ask them for any of it.
At long last, a brave man thought of  a plan. He called together all his animal friends and asked them to help him. He told a frog to wait just outside the village where he was living. A little beyond the frog, he placed a horse; beyond the horse, he placed a cat; beyond the cat, he  placed a dog and beyond the dog, he placed a lion. Beyond the lion was the house where the giants lived.
The man then went to call on the giants. They were pleased to see him as they felt rather lonely living by themselves.
“Can you please let me have some of your fire?” he asked them. “No one else has any fire at all.”
The giants shook their heads. “the fire belongs to us and we can’t give any of it away.” They replied.
The man then made a sign out of the window to the lion. The lion began to roar; the dog to bark; the cat to meow; the horse to neigh and the frog to croak. The giant rushed out to see what was the matter.
As soon as they did so, the man pick up a piece of burning wood from the fire. He ran away with it as fast as he could. The giant saw what had happened and chased after him. The man gave the piece of burning wood to the lion. It was soon passed on from animal to animal until it reached the frog. The frog hopped straight for the village. But the giant caught him by the tail. The poor frog was so frightened that his eyes almost fell out, he jumped once more and landed in the middle of village. Carrying the fire with him. But he left behind his tail in the giants’ hands. So the people in the village were able to obtain fire for the first time. but the poor frog lost his tail and his eyes have bulged ever since.

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