Monday, February 13, 2012

How the mousedeer cheated the tiger

How the mousedeer cheated the tiger story

Long, long ago a mousedeer and a tiger were neighbours. The tiger was very fierce. He liked to boast how strong he was. All the animals in the forest were afraid of him. He ate at least one of them for dinner every day.
The mousedeer decided to teach him a good lesson.
“Why don’t you allow me to bring you your dinner every day? You will then not have to hunt to food,” he asked the tiger.
The tiger agreed.
The next day the mousedeer took a rat with him to see the tiger.
“I’m afraid I could not bring you a bigger animal.” The mousedeer explained. “There’s an animal who looks exactly like you blocking the road. He too has a rat sitting on his head. He said to all animals, “Is there anyone in the world who  can fight with me? If so, let him come and try. If there’s no one, then I’m the king of the forest.”
“Ho!” said the tiger. “Didn’t you tell him about me?”
“Yes I did,” replied the mousedeer. “But it would have been better if I hadn’t. when I told him how strong you were, he laughed and said rude things. He even said he would not accept you as his servant.”
The tiger became very angry. “Where is he? Where is he? He shouted.
So the mousedeer asked the rat to sit on the tiger’s head while he sat on the tiger’s back. He pointed to a river not far away. “He’s there.” He said.
The tiger ran to the river. He looked down at the water. Yes, there was another tiger. As the mousedeer said, he was  just like himself. There was also a rat sitting on his head.
He shouted loudly his enemy shouted loudly too.
The tiger became even more angry. He showed his teeth. So did the other tiger.
The tiger jumped into the river to fight with his enemy. He drowned immediately.

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