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Akimogong story
Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a beautiful baby girl. The woman and her husband loved their daughter very much. The baby was always smiling and good tempered. She grew up into a lovely young woman. Many young men wanted to marry her but her mother did not agree. “My daughter is not yet old enough to get married,” she said.
But really, as she only had one child, she wanted her daughter to stay at home as long as possible. The girl was not even allowed to leave the house without her mother going with her.
One day, when the girl was alone at home, she heard a strange voice calling out her name, “Kinomulok, Kinomulok, why don’t you come to play with us?” she look outside. There was a tall skinny wizard with long
waving fingers smiling at her. There were three or four terrible-looking goblins with him. All carrying swords.
“My mother will not allow me to go out,” Kinomulok replied.
“I don’t care about that,” said the wizard. “I’ve come to fetch you.” The goblins rushed into the house and seized Kinomulok. In a flash, they tied her up with rope and pulled her outside the house. She fell down on the ground outside and fainted. The wizard thought she was dead.
“Never mind,” he shrieked. “We can take her spirit with us and leave her body behind.” He then spoke same magic words and the girl changed into a ghost.
They all rushed out of the village as fast as they could go. The wizard was laughing. “Wonderful, wonderful, now I can have a wife without having to pay a dowry.”
At that time, two of the villagers, who were returning home after working in the fields, saw the strange party leaving.
“Hey where are you going, old man?” they called out.
The wizard raised his hand as if he were aiming a gun. There was a puff of smoke and the men disappeared.
The wizard and his attendants ran into the jungle. They were going to mountain in the far distance, where the wizard lived.
However, they passed by a tall tree at the top of which lived a kind magician called Akimogong. “Who is that?” he shouted. He thought it was a feast. He was found of rice wine and always liked a party.
He then saw the wizard and the goblins dragging away the young girl.
“Where are you taking that girl?” he asked.
The wizard pointed his hand at Akimogong but nothing happened. His magic was  useless against Akimogong. Akimogong then spoke some magic words which changed the wizard and his goblins into jungle mice, and the girl into a mall stick.
Akimogong carried the stick back to the village where the girl lived. He saw many people crying, “Two of four men have been killed by a wicked wizard.” They said. Someone told him that Kinomulok had died too. He went to her parents house. Her mother and father were crying.
“Don’t cry!” he said. “Your daughter is not dead. The wizard placed a spell on her and tried to take away her spirit.” He placed the small stick on Kinomulok’s chest. In a few minutes, Kinomulok opened her eyes.
“Oh, I have had such a horrible dream! Dreamt  I was being taken away by a wicked wizard and his men,”
“Don’t worry!” her mother said, “You are all right.”
She hugged her daughter and thanked Akimogong for his help.
When Akimogong told the girl’s parent what had happened, they were very grateful. Later, Akimogong wanted to marry their daughter, and they agreed.
The wedding feast lasted three days and nights, and when it was over, Akimogong and Kinomulok lived together happily ever after.


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