Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunan Kalijaga and his servant

Sunan Kalijaga and his servant story

Once upon a time, Sunan Kalijaga planned to visit Sunan Muria in Pati, Central java. He asked his friend, Ki Rangga, to go with him. Several servants also joined them to carry their luggages. And they began walking to Sunan Muria’s house.
             Several hours later, Ki Rangga felt tired. He was embarrassed to walk together with Sunan Kalijaga because Sunan kalijaga did not look tired when Kirangga was very tired and thirsty. Finally, Sunan Kalijaga asked Ki Rangga to take a rest  under a big tree. It is time for the Zuhur prayer. But there was no water around to clean up or “wudhu”. Ki rangga was confused. He told Sunan Kalijaga about it. Sunan Kalijaga only smiled and said, “we should pray for Allah for water. Now you must guard this big tree, Ki Rangga, it might bring water to us. But remember! Everything happen because of Allah SWT. Don’t act alone. You inform me when water comes out. I will be behind that hill,” Ki Rangga promised Sunan Kalijaga to inform him when the water comes out. So, Sunan Kalijaga went behind the hill. Ki Rangga with his servants sat under the big tree. They quickly fell asleep. Suddenly water came out of the big tree. Ki Rangga and his servants became wet. They woke up. They drank and played in the water. Ki Rangga forget Sunan Kalijaga’s message to inform him when the water came out.
                Behind the hill, Sunan Kalijaga was worried. So he went to the big tree. He was surprised to see Ki Rangga and his servant were playing in the water. “You forget my message to inform me when the water comes out. Instead, you are playing in the3 water like a turtle,” said Sunan Kalijaga, softly. A miracle happened. Ki Rangga and his servants turned into turtles. Ki rangga was sad. He had changed into turtles because he did not keep his promise. The water formed a pond. It is now called Sendang Sani, in Pati, Central java. Many people visit Sendang Sani now.

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