Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Legend - How the Philippines was made

How the Philippines was made story

Many thousands of years ago, a man and his wife lived in the Philippines, they were called Angngalo and Angngarab.
One morning, they went to
gather some shellfish. Inside one, they found a pearl. It was an unusual yellow colour and very large.
Angngalo gave it to Angngarab. “Oh!” she said, “I can find many more pearls than you!”
Soon they were quarrelling and shouting at each other. They ran along the seashore looking for shellfish. Before, they had a big pile in front of them. They pulled open the shells and looked in them for pearls.
“I’ve go more pearls than you!” shouted Angngalo.
“No, you haven’t!” answered Angngarab. “Anyway, my pearls are bigger than yours!”
Soon, they were fighting. They threw the shells and pearls at each other. (That is why there are so many shells and pearls in the Philippines) They rolled on the ground and stamped their feet.
There was aloud “Boom!” and “Crack!”. The mountains and hills began to split. The water in the rivers and lakes flooded the land.
They still continued fighting. Suddenly, there was a great storm, with thunder lighting. The land broke into several parts. Luzon was in the north, the Visayan Islands were in the middle, and Mindanao in the south.
Because of this, there are now over seven thousand islands in the Philippines.

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