Friday, May 4, 2012

The home of tortoise

the home of tortoise story
A long time ago, in a dessert lived a tortoise. The tortoise had a brown wrinkly body because the sun always beating down on him, without any protection his skin was getting burnt.
The cheetah couldn’t see him. Suddenly the tortoise tripped and tumbled down a steep, rocky mountain. Later that day, at the bottom of the mountain the tortoise woke up, spinning on his back. The tortoise felt a dizzy and he had a lot of pain, he tried to get up but he couldn’t. he felt something hard and heavy on his back. He realized he had a cracked rock on his wrinkly body.
The cheetah came crashing down the mountain to see if the tortoise was OK. He tried to help the tortoise to get up and pull the rock off his back. The tortoise screamed in pain because the rock wouldn’t come off. The cheetah said “You look better with the rock and it will protect you from the sun”.

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