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How the frog defeated the giant

How the frog defeated the giant story

A giant lived by himself in a hut in the forest. One night, it was raining very heavily. The giant could not sleep because some frogs were making a loud noise, “Oeng!” “Ang!” “Ang!” “Ong!”
He became very angry. He rushed outside to find them. It was so dark, he could not see where he was going. He stepped on some red ants and
killed them. At the same time, he knocked down a bird from a tree and broke its beak.
At last, he found the frogs. They were having a party near a river. He quickly killed them. He then returned home and slept until morning.
There was, however, a lady frog who had not been killed. She had been in a hole looking after her eggs when he had killed the other frogs.
She tought, “the giant is so wicked! He will certainly kill my children when they grow up. I must do something now to stop him.”
She hopped out from the hole to look for her friends.
Soon she met Mr. Red Ant who was crying.
“What’s the matter, Mr. Red Ant?” she asked him.
“It’s the giant. He’s killed all my friends and relatives. I am the only ant left.”
“It’s the same with me,” Mrs. Frog told him. “I’m all alone in the world except for my babies. We must do something to teach the giant a good lesson.”
Not long afterwards, Mrs. Frog and Mr. Red Ant met the snake with the broken back and the bird with the broken beak. She listened to their story. They both-agreed to go with them to punish the giant.
“But we’re all too small and weak to fight the giant,” Mrs. Frog said. “We must obtain help from our stronger and bigger friends like Mr. Tiger and Mr. Elephant.”
Mrs. Frog, followed by Mr. Red Ant, Mr. Snake and Mr. bird, went to see Mr. Tiger.
Mr. Tiger greeted her warmly. “It’s good to see you, Mrs. Frog, What can I do for you?”
Mrs. Frog explained everything to him:
“I would really like to help you but I’m getting too old to fight. I fought with the giant once before but he was too strong for me. But I shall ask my son to help you.”
He called his son. “Yes, father,” answered his son, looking hungrily at Mrs. Frog. “Do you want me to swallow Mrs. Frog?”
“Don’t talk like that,” his father replied. “Mrs. Frog is an old friend. I want you to help her fight the giant.”
Mrs. Frog followed by Mr. Red Ant, Mr. Snake, Mr. Bird and Master Tiger-then went to see Mr. Elephant.
“I shall be very glad to help you,” promised the elephant. “The giant has always been very wicked to me. Whenever I meet him, he twists my tall, It’s very painful,”
Mrs. Frog gathered all her friends around her. She told them exactly what to do. After she had finished, she said. “We shall have to wait until it’s dark. The giant will not be able to see us coming then.”
After sunset, they all went to the giant’s hut.
The red ant ran inside the front door, The snake and the bird entered by the back door. The snake hid himself in the kitchen behind a jar of water and the bird near the fire. The tiger and elephant waited outside.
The red ant climbed straight into the giant’s ear. He bit it as hard as he could. The giant screamed in pain. He ran into the kitchen to find a light so that he could see what had happen to him. As he bent down over the fire the bird threw some dust into his eyes. He was blinded. He wanted to wash his eyes in the jar of water but the snake bit his hand. The elephant then shook the hut. It seemed as if it would fall down.
The giant was very very frightened. He did not know what to do. He ran out of the back of the hut, towards the river. The tiger ran after him. Although the tiger jumped on him. The giant was too strong for him and escaped. But he ran so fast that he slipped and fell into the river. He was carried away by the water and never seen again.

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