Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The fox and the tiger

Narrative text - The fox and the tiger story

One day a tiger caught a fox in the forest. Before the tiger could eat him up, the cunning fox cried out, “You cannot make a meal of me. Don’t you know that I am King of the forest? If you eat me up, all the other animals of the forest will be
very angry with you.”
The tiger did not believe him. “How can such a small animal be King of the Forest?” he asked himself.
“If you don’t believe me,” the fox said. “then take a walk with me in the forest. You can see for yourself whether or not the other animals are afraid of me.”
The tiger agreed to do so and they set off together, the fox walked in front and the tiger followed behind. When the other animals saw the tiger approaching, they ran off as they could. This was that the fox expected.
“See your self, Mr. Tiger,” he called out quickly. “All the other animals are afraid of me.”
“Yes, yes.” The tiger agreed. “You are quite right. You are really King of the Forest.”
He then let the fox go.

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