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Juan and the crabs story

Juan and the crabs story

In many parts of the Philippines, there are stories about the funny adventures of a naughty, lazy and stupid boy. He is called by different names in different parts of the Philippines. In this story, he is called Juan Pusong, the name by which he is known among the Visayans.
One day, Juan was sent to the market by his mother to buy some crabs for dinner. At the market, Juan chose five crabs and put them in his basket. On his way home
, he passed by a group of boys playing marbles. He sat down to watch. Soon he heard the crabs making a noise as they moved from one side of the basket to the other. This annoyed Juan so he opened the basket and shouted at them, “So, you want to go home already? All right, you run home first to tell mother that I shall be coming soon.”
He allowed the crabs to leave the basket.
It was almost midday before he returned home. He was very hungry. When he thought of the crabs, his mouth watered. His mother could cook crabs very well.
“I shall have three big crabs and mother can eat the other two,” he said to himself. He began to run.
When he arrived home, his mother was waiting for him at the door. She was very angry.
“Where are the crabs? It has been hours since I sent you to get them!”
“Didn’t they home?” Juan asked. “I told them to come home first so that you could cook them.”
His mother scolded him. “Aray! Aray!” he cried. “You should scold the crabs not me!”
The next day he went back to the market to look for the crabs. He wanted to each them a good lesson. He walked along the side of a river. Soon he saw a crab just as it was going into a hole in the sand.
“Aha! So you are trying to hide from me? Where are your companions? Are they hiding in that hole too?”
He sat down and looked into the hole.
“Come out you cowards!” he cried. “Come out! You should be punished for what you did yesterday!” he pushed his fingers into the hole.
Immediately, a crab bit his finger. “Ouch! Let go!” but the crab refused to do so. Juan jumped several feet into the air. But the crab still did not let go of his finger.
“Please let me go, Mr. Crab!” Juan cried in pain.
“not until you say sorry,” replied the crab.
So Juan had to say sorry before the crab would let go of his fingers.

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