Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mahosoth story

Narrative text -Mahosoth story
(Favourite story from Thailand)

In one of his lives the Buddha was born the son of a merchant. The merchant called the boy Mahosoth. Mahosoth was a very clever boy, and he grew up to be a very wise man. He was good at ending quarrels
, and solving other problems in his village.
Soon people beyond the village learned about this wise man, Mahosoth. Word came to the king himself that Mahosoth was the wisest man in the kingdom. The king could hardly believe the stories he heard. He did not believe that anyone could be so wise. Therefore, the king decided to test Mahosoth’s wisdom. He sent for the headman of the village where Mahosoth lived.
“The cattle in your village are not having enough calves,” said the king. “From now on, all your bulls must have calves.”
The headman returned to the village. He did not know what to do because he could not think of any way to carry out the king’s command. Finally he decided to ask Mahosoth for advice.
The next day Mahosoth sent a boy from the village to see the king. “Sire, you must help me: my father is going to have a baby.”
“You are a fool,” said the king. “Men can’t have babies.”
The village boy smiled. “That is true, sire. And bulls cannot have calves.”
Hearing this, the king knew that Mahosoth had sent the boy. He sent for Mahosoth and made him a counselor so his wisdom could help the whole kingdom.

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