Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Wise Governor

The Wise Governor story
(Favourite story from Taiwan)

Kumpulan cerita bahasa inggris-narrative teks There was a wise governor of a small town in northern Taiwan. His name was Chu-San. One day, he inspected the local prison.
He saw many prisoners there and asked the prison guard what they had done. “They are all robbers,” said the guard.
“Release them!” the governor said. He told the robbers, “You can go
. Find yourself a job. Never rob or steal again,” he gave each man ten dollars.
About a month later, he visited the prison again. He recognized one of the prisoners as one of the men he had set free previously. He was very angry, “Take that man out and execute him,” he ordered.
Everyone heard about this and the town was very peaceful for a long time. There were no reports of anyone stealing. One day, another thief was brought before him. He immediately recognized him as one of the men he had previously set free. “Thin man must be punished,” he said. “He has not followed my advice. Take him away and execute him.”
    “Don’t execute me, sir.” Cried the thief. “You can punish me in any other way, but please don’t kill me. My mother is outside. I am her only son. What will happen to her if I die?”
Chu-San went outside. He saw old lady sitting on the ground. She was crying and holding a dirty blanket in her hands.
“Why are you carrying that blanket?” he asked.
“It is to cover my son’s body after he has been killed,” the old lady replied.
Chu-San felt pity for her. He released her son and gave him ten dollars. The thief and his mother knelt in front of him and thanked him.
Soon afterwards, the thief got a job and worked very hard. He never stole again. Later he married and had a family. When his sons grew up, he said to them, “Never steal or break the law. Always be kind to others. If you will listen to my words, you will have a good life.”

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