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The seven brothers

cerita rakyat -The seven brothers story
(Favourite story from ASIA)
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
There was an old man who had seven sons. The eldest was called Mr. Giant; the second Mr. Typhoon; the third Mr. Iron man; the fourth Mr. Not-Afraid-of-heat; the fifth Mr. long Legs; the sixth Mr. Big Feet; and the seventh Mr. Big Mouth.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
One day, the old man said to his seven sons, “It’s not very easy to move around where we live. In the west, there’s a high mountain and in the east, there’s a deep ocean. Please move both of them
. That will give us more room.”
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
The seven sons started work. In a short time, they moved the mountain and the sea. There was level earth in their place.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
Their father was very pleased. “You’d better plant some grain,” he said.
Soon there were fields of corn where the mountain and sea had been. The old man and jis seven sons were very happy.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
When the king heard what happened, he sent one of his senior officers to seen the old man.
“The king wants this land,” he said. “You must give it to him or pay him two hundred taels of gold every year.”
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
“It’s impossible for us to do that,” answered the old man.
“Don’t worry, father,” his sons said, “We’ll go to the capital and see the king.”
When the general in charge of the capital saw the seven brothers coming, he became afraid . “Close the gate!” he ordered his soldiers.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
“Open the gate at once!” called out Mr. Giant, “We have come to see the king.”
“How can you people see the king?” asked the general.
Mr. Giant pushed open the gate with his huge hand. He pushed so hard that the gate fell down.
The brother went in. they saw another gate in front of them.
The second brother Mr. Typhoon, said. “First brother, rest a while. I’ll open the gate.”
He blew hard and sneezed. The gate fell to the ground.
Now all the king’s officers were afraid to stop the seven brothers. So the seven brothers met the king.
“What do you want?” asked the king. “And why do you cause so much trouble?”
He ordered his generals to arrest the seven brothers.
“arrest me first,” said the third brothers. Mr. Iron man.
A general draw his sword and tried to arrest him. Mr. Iron Man seized his sword and broke it into small pieces.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
The king ordered the brothers to be attacked with fire balls. The fourth brother, Mr. Not-Afraid-of-heat, laughed. “Ha! Ha! Ha! I’ll put out the fire.” He caught the fire balls in his hands and threw them back.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
“They’re too cold! Make them hotter!”
The king ordered the brothers to be drowned in the sea.
The fifth brother, Mr. Long Legs, called out, “I was just thinking of taking a bath.” He walked into the sea but it only came up to his ankles. ”It’s not deep enough,” he said. “Anyway, since I’m already here. I’ll catch a few fish.” He started  to throw all kinds of big and small fish on the shore. They piled up behind him as high as a hill.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
“arrest him!” said the king, pointing to the sixth brother. Mr. Big Feet. The generals rushed at him but Mr. Big Feet took one step and moved himself one mile away.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris
The seventh brother, Mr. Big Mouth, then decided to teach the king and his generals a good lesson.
He went to the shore, opened his mouth and swallowed up the sea. Then he returned to the palace and opened his mouth again. The water rushed out of his mouth, knocked down the walls, and swept away all the buildings. The king and his officers were carried away out to sea. They were last seen swimming in the direction of land but no one knows whether they ever came back.
Cerita Rakyat bahasa inggris

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