Monday, May 21, 2012

Why herons and crows are enemies

 Why herons and crows are enemies story

A long time ago, all birds were the same colour. The only difference between them was their size. When they flew high in the air, people did not know what kind of birds they were. They all looked the same.
So the birds held a meeting and decided, “We shall all have different colours, then people can
see we are not all the same,”
After several hours, the birds decided that each kind of bird should choose, his own coplour, “but,” they said, “each one must be a different colour,”
All the birds agree. The herons were asked to paint them because herons were very good painters. The herons took away all the birds, in turn. They painted them just as each one wanted. At last, only the crows were left.
“Well,” said the leader or the herons, “What colour do you crows want to be?”
“You choose our colour, Mr. heron,” replied the crows.
“Ah,” said the heron. He looked at the crows and smiled to himself. Then he said, “We only paint at night, you know. Painting in the daytime is not so good. We’ll paint you when it’s dark. But you can paint us.”
So the crows painted the herons with clear, beautiful colours. The herons were very pleased.
That night, when it was very dark, they collected all the crows together. They took pieces of charcoal and blackened the crows all over. Then they flew away as fast as they could.
The next morning, the crows saw that the herons had tricked them. They were very angry. They wanted to kill the herons. They flew through the sky, crying out, and looking everywhere for the herons. But they could not find them.
That’s why herons only come out at night. If they come out in the daytime, the crows will kill them.
And that’s why crows fly and cry out above the forest. They are looking for the herons.

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