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The brave potter

Salam Super Cerita Bahasa Inggris ........

Pernakah anda dikejar anjing....??? (mudah-mudahan nggak pernah yaaa...) orang yang dikejar anjing bisa berlari lebih cepat dari biasanya tanpa disadari atau melompati pagar yang tinggi. Itulah kekuatan fikiran bawah sadar.  
Atau seseorang disebut pemberani karena melakukan sesuatu yang berbahaya karena tidak mengetahui bahwa itu berbahaya, seperti seorang anak kecil mendekati ular yang sangat berbisa yang dia tidak ketahui bahwa binatang yang berbisa itu berbahaya dan ular tersebut pun pergi.
Kedua ilustrasi tersebut memberikan gambaran bahwa fikiran memiliki andil dalam keberhasilan seseorang.
Berikut Cerita Bahasa Inggris tentang "The Potter" yang menunggangi seekor harimau dan membawa pulang ke rumahnya tanpa dia sadari, mau tahu serunya cerita bahasa inggris berikut langsung saja ke TKP....

The brave potter

It was dark. Thick black clouds covered the evening sky. The thunder roared and the strong wind shook the branches and leaves of the tree in the forest. Pit …. Pat … pit, drops of rain fell. Then the lightning flashed and split the black sky with its blinding light. Soon it was raining heavily.
An old tiger ran through the rain looking for shelter. He was wet and cold and his cave was far away. While hurrying to his shelter he saw an old hut. With a sigh of relief the tiger crawled under the thatched roof and lay down by the door. Except for the sound of the rain all was quiet. Before he could nod off however, he heard something heavy being drugged inside the hut. This was followed by the voice of a woman.
“Oh, how terrible this leak is!” she complained. “How terrible! I would rather meet a tiger in the forest that have this leak in my house!”
“A leak?” the tiger thought. “What is a leak? It must be very dangerous and strong of the woman would not be more frightened of the leak than of me. Am I not rightly called the king of the forest? Aren’t they all afraid of me? I wonder what a leak looks like ….?”
Soon afterwards the tired tiger fell asleep. He was suddenly awakened by an angry voice shouting in his ear. He felt heavy blows fall upon his head and shoulders.
“You horrible beat!” a voice screamed angrily. “How dare you run away! How dare you make me walk about in the middle of the night trying to find you! Be careful, one of these days. I’ll kill you! Now, go home!”
The old tiger shivered. “This must be the leak who has come out from the hut. “I’d better do as he says or he will kill me.”
So the tiger allowed himself to be bound around the neck with a thick rope. The mysterious creature then climbed onto the tiger’s back and pulled at the rope.
“Come on, head for home!” shouted the voice. The tiger felt a sharp kick on his side.
The tiger was terrified and ran through the dark forest. The creature pulled hard on the rope to tell which way to go. At the same time it scolded, cursed and kicked the poor tiger. Soon they stopped in front of a small hut on the edge of the thick forest. The creature climbed down from the tiger’s back and bound him with an iron chain to a nearby tree. Then he went inside the hut. The tiger could not free himself from the chain so, he had to spend a miserable night under the tree.
Who was this creature who was able to capture such a large and dangerous tiger? Let’s find out.
On the afternoon on that day, a potter had arrived home after a hard day’s work. He was tired and thirsty. He had asked his wife for some palm-wine. The more he drank, the better he felt. When he had drunk all the wine he no longer felt tired.
When the storm began the potter suddenly remembered that he had left his donkey tied under the tree. He rushed out of his hut to take the animal into the stable. You can imagine his anger when he discovered that the donkey was not there any more—the only thing left was its chain.
“My stupid donkey must have run off into the forest,” He grumbled. “When I catch him I’ll give him a good beating!”
The potter walked through the wet forest. When it became dark he often stumbled over roots and fallen branches. With each step the potter felt more and more angry with his donkey.
“When I catch him I’ll tie him up under the tree all night without feeding him.” He muttered to himself.
Hours later, the potter reached the old woman’s hut. There he saw an animal sleeping in front of the door.
“There he is!” he shouted. “There, he is, the stupid animal!”
The drunken potter did not notice the difference between a donkey and a tiger. He kicked and beat the sleeping tiger. He then jumped onto the frightened animal’s back, rode it home, and then tied it up with the iron chain.
Next morning the villagers who passed the potter’s house looked in amazement at the tiger tied to the tree. Soon the news spread throughout the village that the potter had caught a tiger and tied it to a tree in his yard. All the villagers praised his courage. They also thanked him because the tiger had eaten many of their goats and buffaloes. They had tried to catch him for many years but had failed.
Of course the potter said that he had done nothing of the sort. He said that he had only brought his donkey home. He did not understand how a donkey could change into a tiger! When he saw the tiger he fainted.
Nobody, however, believed the potter’s story. The villagers even praised him for being modest. Soon the potter became famous. Everybody who met him called him the brave potter. The simple potter himself never understood why.


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