Friday, June 22, 2012

The king and the donkey story

The king and the donkey story
(Folktale  from Chinese)

the king and the donkey
Once upon a time, Chao Kao was the Prime Minister of the State of Ch’in. although he was Prime Minister, he was jealous of the King. He wanted to take his place. He knew that he could not do so without the help of the other officers of Ch’in. At last, he thought of a way. He bought a donkey and gave it to the King.
“Your Majesty,” he said, “Please accept this small present,”
“What is it?” the king asked.
“It is a horse,” replied Chao Kao.
The king looked closely at the animal. “A horse!” he said. “You are wrong. It is a donkey,”
“Excuse me, Your Majesty,” answered Chao Kao. “It is a horse. If you do not believe me, you may ask your officers.”
The king asked all the officers. Although they knew it was a donkey, they all said it was a horse. They were very much afraid of Chao Kao.
Chao Kao then sent for the General in charge of the army.
“Arrest the king,” he ordered. “and put him in prison. He is no longer King of Ch’in. I have taken his place.”
The general did as he was told. Chao Kao gave each of the senior officers one hundred pieces of silver and other presents for helping him.

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