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The queen of the south sea story

The queen of the south sea story
The queen of the south sea story
It was dark night. A young man sat alone in the cave of the foot of the rock. He sat there in a week. He was very poor along his life. He wanted to be rich. He was Sukarto
One day the wind became strong and wave rose up high. He saw a figure appearing from the big wave. It was a beautiful woman. She was Ratu Laut Kidul. The queen of south sea
The man begged for a help. The queen gave her wealth to him but he promised that he would not be arrogant and greedy. He had to be helpful to the neighbors and everybody.
Sukarto was the richest man in his village. But he was very arrogant. He did not work hard as usual. His wife and sons also had bad characters. They were very stingy.
The queen was very angry with them. She killed one by one of Sukarto’s family. First, she burnt his sons. Then she killed his wife. So Sukarto was lonely but he was still arrogant with his wealth. Even he was greedy to have another Queen’s wealth.
Finally one night, the Queen burnt Sukarto’s house. He cried and apologized. But it was too late. Now people believe that if they hear a voice of crying at night, it is the voice of the greedy Sukarto. He cries for his wealth.

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