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Lebai malang story (unlucky religious teacher)

Lebai malang story
(Favourite stories from Malaysia)

Lebai malang story (unlucky religious teacher)
Long, long ago. The name of Lebai Malang (Unlucky Religious Teacher) was known all over Malaysia. Some people are born to have good fortune in life, others are always unlucky. Lebai Malang was one of those who are always unlucky.
One day, three people approached him. One asked him to hold a funeral service. Another wanted him to recite the Koran. The third invited him to attend a dinner being given for his son who had just completed his religious studies.
Lebai Malang did not know what to do. He had never been asked to do three things on one day before.
“If I go to the funeral,” he thought, “I’m sure to get a present of cloth. If I
recite the Koran. I shall get as many cakes and sweets as I can eat. If I attend the dinner, I can eat as much as I want.”
At last he decided. “I shall go to the funeral,” he said. “The holy prophet said this is a duty.”
Unfortunately, by the time he arrived at the first man’s house, the funeral was over. He went on to the second man’s house, but the reciting of the Koran had finished. He was too late for the dinner at the third man’s house but there was a little food left over for him.
Sadly, he returned home. “I’ll climb my coconut tree and pick some coconuts,” he thought. He put the food he was carrying on the ground at the foot of the tree. He had only climbed half-way up the tree when he saw a dog stealing his food. He slid down the tree as fast as he could and chased the dog. The dog dived into a hole in a tree to escape. Lebai Malang thought, “Ah, now he can’t  get away!” he took off his clothes and stuffed them in the hole. He didn’t know that the dog had got out through another hole at the back of the tree.
Just at that moment, two pigeons flying overhead mistook him for a tree-stump. They landed on his head. “Cheh! Who do you think you are?” he said. Before they could fly away, he quickly caught hold of both of them. He then tried to transfer the bird in his right hand to his left hand  so that he could pick up his clothes with his right hand. While he was doing so, both birds flew away. Lebai Malang scratched his head, wondering what to do. As he bent down to pick up his clothes, a thief pushed him from behind. He fell over, and in a flash the thief snatched his clothes and ran away.
So Lebai Malang, un happy, hungry and naked, tried to enter his house unseen through the kitchen at the back. But his wife saw him and chased him round the house, and scolded and beat him until he cried for mercy.

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